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As you write a CV that will get you the job of your dreams, there are different sections, each of which you should give special attention to.

Your profile, otherwise known as a professional profile, is the first section of your resume. This section of your curriculum vitae is crucial because it can make the employer interested or bored with your application.

Before we get into details of how you can write an impressive personal profile, let us first understand what it means.

What is a personal profile?

As I have mentioned, a personal profile is the first section of a resume. This CV section is the part where you tell the employer about yourself.

A professional profile should be precise and straight to the point. As you write one, keep it at four sentences, maximum.

When employers go through your CV, your professional profile section should make them feel like they have hit the jackpot.

So, how do you make your profile captivating? Follow these pro-tips below.

How To Craft a Captivating Personal Profile

1. Be Precise

Your profile is a summary of who you are. Summaries are short, therefore ensure your professional profile stays that way.

The statement you write should be hard-hitting to keep the reader intrigued enough to want to know more about you.

Choose your phrases wisely because you do not want a weak profile. Write something that will market you as you desire.

2. Your main focus should be on your professional life

Just because you need to introduce yourself to the employers, it does not mean you have to talk about your personal life.

Employers are only interested in your professional history, and this is the only part of your life you should write about in your CV.

Write mainly about the skills that you know make you best at what you do.

3. Tailor it to match the job you are applying to

This part is where many applicants go wrong. Writing about your professional life, in general, will not help you grab the attention of the person reading your resume.

Employers’ interest is to find the best employee to handle the job well and gain their company profits, isn’t it?

This reason, therefore, means you have to do everything you can to make you see in this light. To convince the employers you are the best candidate, tailor your profile to match the job description.

Tailoring your professional summary will also help you keep it precise.

4. Use facts and numbers to support your statement

Stating facts and backing them up with figures will make your profile statement more credible. If you have made your company profits through a project you handled before, state the percentage.

Using figures and facts will show the employer how much you can achieve them rather than giving a vague idea of your abilities.

Once you have stated everything you have to say on this section of your resume, proofread it to ensure you correct the mistakes you made.

Simple mistakes such as grammatical errors can make an employer perceive you as a careless person. Careless is not the first impression you want to make, therefore go through your CV.

There is a better way to get the best CV with a captivating personal profile to keep the employers hooked.

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