3 Ways to Develop Your Digital Marketing Skills

“I feel so overwhelmed. I know I need to upskill, but I do not know where to begin,” Chris told me over a lunch meetup.

He had just landed his first job as a social media coordinator. During that lengthy conversation, he realised he had much to learn about digital marketing. Yes, Chris knew the basics of posting on Facebook and Twitter, but he did not know what driving engagement and sales entailed.

Have you ever found yourself in such a situation? If yes, you need to develop your digital marketing skills. Whether you are just starting out or are looking to grow your current role, the best way to put yourself out there is by improving your digital marketing expertise.

‘But where should I begin?’ You may ask.

Let us look at three simple ways you can develop your social media marketing skills and stand out:

1. Take an Online Course

    Yes, sign up for a digital marketing short course. The benefits you will get from it are far more than you can imagine. Recruiters are now seeking digital marketers more because of the shift to the digital space by most companies.

    The course is well-programmed so that you can continue your normal daily activities and still have ample time to study. Also, it provides designed learning that is not time-consuming, and you can get your certification in just a few days of training.

    2. Network and Learn from Experts

    Attending virtual or in-person events, conferences, or meetups to connect with proficient marketers will give you an excellent chance to learn.

    Who are these thought leaders and influential figures in digital marketing? What kind of content are they sharing? What strategies are they implementing?

    Did you know that 78% of recruiters rely on social, professional networks to find high-quality candidates? So, besides digital marketing expertise, networking could also lead to new job opportunities.

    3. Put it in practice

    To improve your digital marketing skills, you have to consistently practice. How do you do this? Start a blog, manage the social media accounts for a small business, or volunteer to help with the marketing initiatives at your current organisation. By doing this, you get to remain relevant and up to date.

    The more you can apply what you have learnt, the faster your skills will improve. Always pay attention to what’s working and what’s not, and continuously experiment with new tactics and strategies.

    Remember, the more technology evolves, the more digital marketing evolves. Therefore, you must stay curious, adaptable, and committed to continuous learning as a professional. Invest in our digital marketing course today to keep up with this trend.