5 Ways To Successfully Juggle More Than One Career

Is your job different from what you want to pursue as a career? Are you worried about sacrificing parts of yourself if you focus on just one career?

When Wanjiru was pursuing her degree in Economics, she realised her passion was the fashion industry. She decided to start her own YouTube channel, where she talked about her love for fashion and gave tips to individuals on fashion matters.

After she graduated, it was clear that Economics was not the career path she wanted to take. However, as she was not getting any wages from her YouTube channel, she decided to look for a part-time job and pursue her passion.

Five years later, she is gaining popularity online and has gotten to work with major brands through her videos.

To balance her passion and her job, she had to give up working full-time for a part-time role within the company.

Like Wanjiru, more professionals are moving beyond having just one career in their lifetime. Remember that careers, like everything else in life, can change. As you plan to use your energy to figure out what you love, there are practical steps you must take to successfully juggle more than one career.

1. Invest in learning

Like the career you spent time studying for, do not allow yourself to be led solely by passion. Invest in learning about the additional career you want to pursue.

Passion dictates what you can do, but skill will make you excel in what you are passionate about. Take advantage of learning forums such as training workshops, master classes by industry experts, and online courses.

Grow your knowledge and understanding of the area you are passionate about and excel in it.

2. Make sacrifices

As you consider building more than one career, remember you will have to give up something. Your weekends may become busier; you may have to stay up late an extra hour every night reading, you may need to save an extra coin, and you may even need to add two more years of studying for that Master’s degree.

At the end of the day, getting ahead means doing something out of the norm.

3. Balance time

You may need to maximise your time for all the different goals that you want to achieve. There are sacrifices you will eventually need to make on the demands of your time.

This is because you are faced with completing tasks that are equally important to you, but priority has to be given to one at a time.

4. Become good at multitasking

The brain is said to be highly sensitive to interference. While multitasking, it is forced to stop and refocus attention each time a task is switched, resulting in a loss of time.

Therefore, to successfully run more than one task, learn and nurture the skill of multitasking.

5. Understand and honour your patterns

When are you most productive? What times of the day are you able to accomplish specific tasks? When do you struggle?

Understanding your pattern will enable you to avoid spending too much time applying yourself to work when your body is not in sync. This way, you can work when you can function fully and eventually flow better with your different tasks.

In Conclusion,

The changing career landscape has made it easier to make a career out of multiple jobs. However, this path requires a lot of sacrifice and focus.