Apply by May 20
Apply by May 20

Engineering Jobs In Kenya

  • Geotechnical Engineer will implement the requirements of the quality, safety and environment management system in line with company guidelines.

Key Responsibilities

  • Providing geotechnical advice and design recommendations in relation to the open pits, dumps, stockpiles, sumps, embankments, haul roads and drainage channels and ensuring this is understood and executed correctly in the field.
  • Coordinating the mining and management all natural earth materials within Tatu City.
  • Regularly inspecting and monitoring ground conditions at the active faces.
  • Collecting, analysing, and interpreting the required geotechnical data.
  • Appropriately inspecting, evaluating, and reporting all significant ground related incidents.
  • Carrying out regular audits of the pit slopes and dumps and recording results as per the schedule and laid down methodology.
  • Carrying out blast audits, recording and communicating the results to the relevant people
  • Supervising slope stabilization works, geotechnical drilling, and installation of monitoring equipment with an emphasis on a high level of safety and quality
  • Ensure the efficient planning and coordination of all geotechnical activities to meet operational targets.
  • Conducting geotechnical inspections/ audits as per the Ground Control Management Plan (GCMP) and preparation of relevant geotechnical reports.
  • Carrying out blast audits, recording and communicating the results for feedback into drill and blast designs.
  • Coordinating all Geotechnical data acquisition (mapping and core Logging) activities and making interpretation of acquired data for modeling and support designs.
  • Identifying and managing geotechnical hazards and proposing mitigation measures.

Skills and Experience:

  • Degree in Geotechnical/ Geospatial.
  • Minimum 5 years’ experience in the same role and industry.
  • Knowledge of the norms and regulations of the industry.
  • Knowledge of Kinematics.
  • Proficiency in the following softwares: ACCECALC, AllPile, Alp, ALP99, AMRETAIN, RockPlane etc.

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How To Apply

Please submit your updated resume to and clearly indicate ‘Geotechnical Engineer’ on the subject line by May 20,2024