Top Schools For Accounting Courses In Kenya

A career in accounting is one of the most jobs in demand in Kenyan job market. Apart from having a great pay, one can gain a lot of experience in running business operations in an ever evolving world.  For these reasons many people have found themselves choosing a Career in Accounting.

Accounting courses in Kenya are conducted by a professional body KASNEB which certifies all students upon completing all the three accounting parts that are made up of 6 sections.

Getting CPA K pass is not that easy whether you are studying on your own or you are being trained in a classroom. Apparently, many students studying accountancy have found themselves failing the papers and have to repeat that particular section.

However there are some colleges that people including employers feel that, candidates from such colleges or universities are likely to pass and have good knowledge and hands on skills. In fact, they become a challenge in job interviews because employers have bias in believing they are the best in the market.

Enrolling in some schools for accounting courses therefore can give you a better edge in the job market. This is because such schools have consistence track record of good performance with a pass rate of about 80%,  and also they have qualified trainers of CPA’s.

Here are the top 5 Colleges and Universities in Accounting
1. Strathmore University

2. Summit Institute of Professionals

3. Visions Institute of Professionals

4. Pinnacle Business School

5. KCA University

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  1. Visions.. its the place to be. Very competent staff and the learning environment is superb

  2. Daniel Njoroge says:

    KCA,is the place to be,has made me be whom I”am proud to be a student there.

  3. Elizabeth mutile says:

    I studied at Summit and its really a good school-Am proud of it

  4. Summit Institute is the place to be…….. Am proud to be there with a group of competent Faculty members…

  5. About KCA not so sure, I scholed there when its was still a college and it was better then but not now. In its place should have been Royal Business School, Star College or even Eagle College.