Administration Jobs In Kenya

Have you been looking for administration jobs in Kenya? Find a variety of the current administration jobs ranging from Administrative Assistant jobs to HR Manager jobs and so on. We got you covered!

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KFCB Registration Officers Job

Registration Officers Job, Current Kenyan Administration Job Vacancies, Grade: KFCB 6 Job Purpose:  To assist in implementing processes, guidelines and activities for

KFCB Licensing Assistant Job

Licensing Assistant Job, Current Administration Vacancies in Kenya, KFCB/HR 9/2021 Grade: KFCB 8 Job Purpose: Responsible for providing technical support on all

KFCB Registration Assistant Job

Registration Assistant Job, Current Kenyan Administration Jobs, KFCB/HR 10/2021 Terms of Service: Permanent & Pensionable Grade: KFCB 8 Job Purpose: To support all

KFCB Senior Office Assistant Job

Senior Office Assistant Job, Kenyan Administration Jobs,   KFCB/HR 12/2021 Terms of Service: Permanent & Pensionable Grade: KFCB 9 Job Purpose: Responsible for

KFCB Customer Care Assistant Job

Customer Care Assistant Job, Latest Kenya Customer Service Job, KFCB/HR/15/2021 Terms of Service: Permanent & Pensionable Grade: KFCB 8 Job Purpose: Responsible for

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