Does Your CV Get You Invited For Interviews? Change That Cycle.

  • Are you applying for jobs but not getting invited for interviews?
  • Is your profession competitive and you want to stand out?
  • Are you looking to change careers and need a CV that shows this?
  • Have you identified a dream job that you would want to apply for and get invited for an interview?
  • Do you want a CV that is modern, has correct formatting, and has all the vital information employers and recruiters are looking for?
  • Are you stuck in your job and are looking for a change?
  • Have you been applying for jobs with your old CV?

If you have answered YES to any of those questions, you need a CV that highlights your strengths and achievements and gives you an edge when applying for jobs.

When was the last time you updated your CV? Most professionals who are keen on growing their career are keen on having a CV that shows your value to employers.

Corporate Staffing Services is a top HR firm in Kenya that recruits for top firms and organisations. We have consulted for firms such as AAR Insurance, UN Women, KTDA, Hass Consult, Safaricom Investment Sacco, Nivea, Weetabix, Kenya Power, Davis & Shirtliff, Bamburi Cement, Car & General, etc. Click here & read about candidates who’ve secured jobs through us. We know what employers are looking for in a CV when hiring. Unfortunately, this is where the majority of candidates fail.

We have assisted many Kenyan professionals get better jobs and advance in their career through our professional CV writing service.


A CV client at Corporate Staffing

I am happy for the brilliant job that was done on my CV. My work experiences and skillset were put in a well-structured format. Keep up the good work Evaline and I cannot wait to get a better job using this CV. Janet, HR Officer.

Hello, I received my CV and cover letter and they are amazing. Even after I struggled to give you information on my career trajectory, you have managed to create something concrete. The CV is what I exactly had in mind and you helped put it into words. Emma in Financial Services.

A professional CV is a must-have for any job application process. A single job advert receives up to 250 applications which then highlights the need for a well-written CV. This is your only chance to demonstrate to a future employer that you are qualified for the job.

Standing out as a top candidate for a vacancy is vital – and our CV writing service will help you do just that. Invest in your career.

How do you get your professional CV?

Step 1. Email your outdated CV to Rebecca at and Cc Or Email Subject:  Professional CV Writing. If you want to call CV writing department – Call Direct: 0798 56 86 38 or 0798 56 86 43

Step 2.  The team will study and review your CV for free and give you feedback on where your CV is falling short. Expect a call or email from us. The CV expert will also share the charges to re-write your new CV and how long it will take to deliver the fresh CV.

Step 3. Pay for the service using our Mpesa Buy Goods number 89560 or by visiting our office. Free parking is available. You can also pay through a secure bank transfer link. Get a new cv without leaving your desk.

Step 4. Upon receipt of payment, we start writing your new CV from scratch with a new modern look, adding all the relevant information that employers look for in a CV. We shall write for you a new CV that fits well with your sector or industry and the jobs that you are targeting.

Step 5. Receive your professional CV from us. Land your next job, faster!

Corporate Staffing Services Kenya Offices

Visit Our Office @ Mayfair Suites, Westlands.

Are you targeting a specific job?

We will help you write a professional CV and cover letter for that job.

Send your current CV now to with the email title “Professional CV writing”

Dear Evaline, My deep appreciation for the time and work you put into preparing my professional CV and cover letter. I’ve perused through all three attachments and I’m sincerely satisfied and impressed. I am confident that I am now robustly empowered in my efforts to secure my dream job. Thanks for CSS’ and your professionalism and kindly keep me posted with new developments that may come in handy in my endeavours. Janet – International NGO

Imagine a NEW CV with a professional design and layout which markets you to potential employers and makes you stand out.

The next step to being invited to interviews is to have a well-done CV. With our modern CV writing service, your skills, abilities, and experience will be well presented making you stand out and attractive to employers. Email us today or visit our office so we can start working on your CV.  Don’t allow your CV to let you down!

Testimonials From Our Other Satisfied CV Writing Clients 

The cover letter was brilliant. Thank you for your fast response. – Joseph, Systems Admin

This CV exceeded my expectations and has a good flow. Thanks. – Emmanuel, Customer Service

With such a CV, I know that it will be a game changer for my career. – Hilda Achieng, Procurement Officer