CV Writing Service Kenya

CV Writing  Service Kenya

With the high unemployment rate, Jane, who is a CPA (K) and Finance graduate had been forced to settle for  an Administration job, a position she got after 8 months of a depressing job search.

She had been at this job for the last two and half years and with no passion for an Admin job, her number one goal was to secure an accounting job and utilize her skills.

After applying for numerous jobs (sometimes 10 jobs a day) that seem to met her qualifications, she wasn’t getting any invites from potential employers.

For Jane it was a frustrating period until she met a friend who recommended her to approach a HR professional to review her CV and cover letter and guide her in the job search process.

By having her CV professionally done and targeting the right companies, Jane was able to secure her dream job as an Accountant within a month having sent six applications and getting called for three interviews.

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Cv Writing Kenya session with client

A client being taken through a CV Writing session at Corporate Staffing Services Offices