Sample Human Resource Internship Cover Letter

By Angela Wahome,

When faced with the challenge of getting a job many fresh graduates are charged with the task of looking for a job. Many things have changed in the recent past. The job market in Kenya has become much more competitive and it requires people to go out and actively seek jobs.

Majority of them are completely unequipped to find work. Understanding the need for a good job search is critical. With a large number of unemployed qualified professions ready to get out into the world and do a good job every little step in the job hunt process taken well gets them closer to landing a job. One of these steps is creating a good cover letter.

Today we shall look at what an effective cover letter for a fresh graduate should look like.

When writing an internship cover letter, mention both your academic experiences and your past work experience, if applicable.

Anne Kamau
P.O. Box 123456-0000

Mr. Grace Omondi
Human Resource Manager
Africa Group Ltd

Dear Mrs. Kamau,

Re: Application for Human Resource Internship

I am a fourth year student at JKUAT HR student. I am interested in completing my internship in your organization.

I have a prior working experience in administration which exposed me to various duties that were related to HR including calculating daily wages and maintaining a duty roster. My work experience and educational background have equipped me with the skills and understanding of human resource as well as given me insight into the job market.

I also worked as a student leader of the Human Resource Club arranging for events, extra classes such as arranging for students to have short courses in the New Labour Laws, OSHA. Arranging for talks and workshops by guest speakers for subjects such as Recruitment, Performance Management, How to Get a Job as a Graduate. We also arranged for students to be taken through the entire interview process by a multinational company which was accelerated to take a full day. I conducted a research paper on the use of Human Resource Information Systems.

The current news about your company expanding in the Kenyan economy has been inspiring. Given a chance I would like to working in your growing organization.

Thank you for your consideration.

Kind regards,


Anne Kamau