Side Hustle Proves Fruitful For Kenyan Man Who Swore Never To Get Employed Again

Side Hustle Proves Fruitful For Kenyan Man Who Swore Never To Get Employed Again

What would be your next step if you got retrenched today? Or got fired? In a recent story dubbed Fired From Administration Assistant Job at 23yrs To Become An Award Winning CEO, Daphine Okonji tells Career Point Kenya how she found her landing after getting fired from her job which she says she gave her all.

Such stories are rare though, many a times you will hear of how someone who lost their job and they get back to square one which most times ends up being job seeking. Sole reason being, they didn’t have a plan B or C for that matter.

Nicholas Njoroge tells Business Daily of how he came to lose his job, “I had joined Unilever Kenya as a Sales Representative in 2000 from Diversy East and Central Africa,” he goes on to say that, “After two years Unilever embarked on a retrenchment and I was among the targets.”

But luckily for him, he had something to fall back on. “My background in chemistry from the University and the experience I had gained while working for a Diversy, which used to make detergents for breweries, Coca Cola and high end corporate, came in handy,” he says that, “My mind was to look forward and never get employed again.”

Using his compensation money which amounted to Sh90,000, he moved to Thika Road where he built a small go down made of iron sheets in his backyard and the rest as they say is history.

“He says that, “In Kenya we have a lot of brilliant brains, the problem is that we are not sure of ourselves. Plus he also advices start up entrepreneurs, “The problem with many start up entrepreneurs is that the minute they start making profits, their lifestyle change and they forget about reinvesting in the company.”

Would you be like Nicholas Njoroge if it came to a point of losing your job for whatever reasons or would you go back to square one?

You can read his inspiring story HERE

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