6 Most Sought After Banking Industry Jobs in Kenya & Their Salaries

6 Most Sought After Banking Industry Jobs in Kenya & Their Salaries

By Florence Mukunya,

One of the fastest growing industries in Kenya is the banking sector. So many people are looking to work in this glorious industry and the list includes senior level, management levels, junior level, and entry level jobs seekers not to leave out graduate trainees.

Talking to various HR professionals, I sort to know the most popular jobs in the banking industry.

Beatrice Chuchu, a HR Consultant at Out Rival HR, feels that the particular job being hunted for in the Banking industry is dependent on the level of qualification.

“Most job seekers want jobs that will make them grow; so you hardly find them looking for a teller or cashier jobs.”

She adds that, “Most job seekers want jobs close to the management level, jobs that will make them grow in the banking industry.”

And how much do the banks in Kenya pay?

“It all depends on the level of qualification of the job seeker, different organizations also offer different salaries,” says Ms. Chuchu

Mr. Kerosi of Rose Avenue Consultant confirms that, “The banking industry has some of the most sought after jobs and in all the categories i.e. the managerial level, the junior and the entry level.”

“Branch Managers, Business Development Managers and Relationships Manager are some of the most sort jobs in the managerial levels,”

He adds that, “Positions near management (the junior levels) like the back office positions include supervisory accountants and the customer care representative who mostly deal with handling clients complains on the reception.”

“Another most sought after job is the teller jobs; this position is often an entry-level position that does not require previous education or training. These positions usually involve on the job training and can be the stepping stone job that leads to other banking careers,” says Mr. Kerosi

Mr. Kerosi also notes job seekers dislike the entry level jobs in the banking industry.

“People hate entry level jobs such as sales; such jobs require a lot of hustling which most entry level job seekers are not ready for. They also feel that the jobs might not utilize most of the skills earned during training,” says Mr. Kerosi

On salaries, Mr. Kerosi says that it depends with the size of the bank and also the qualification and experience of the individual; but there are different ranges for different jobs.

“Branch managers get between 100k- 250k gross a Business Development Manager gets a salary of 150k-250k gross and a Relationships Manager will earn between 70k- 120k gross, again depending on the size of the bank,” he informs me

He adds that, “Tellers will mostly get 50k gross and the sales people get 10K as a retainer plus a commission.”

On hiring, Ms. Chuchu says that, “You will hardly see banks advertise for open vacancies, they mostly shortlist from their database.”

It seems the banking industry pays very well, a teller getting 50k is not that bad, no wonder so many people are fighting for a chance to work in a bank.


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