Top 4 Ways To Balance Between Your Day Job & Side Hustle

Top 4 Ways To Balance Between Your Day Job & Side Hustle

Entrepreneurs say that side hustle started in Africa, and surely this might be true because even at the remote village even the old folks have side hustles.

However, side hustles may sometimes demand precious time that belongs to your employer. This can create friction between you and your boss.

Below are ways you can balance your side job and your day job without getting a warning letter from your boss.

1. Understand Your Organization Policy

In the modern workplace, employers will not dictate what employers will do every time. This is simply because too many rules lowers morale of employees, creates dishonesty and little creativity.

However, there are employees who will prohibit employees from engaging in other commercial activities.

In such a case, it is important to know so that you are not dismissed for something you innocently never verified during induction at a workplace.

2. Be conscious about how you split your time

A side hustle may seem like it does not seem to take some of the time in your day job but it surely does.

Numerous phone calls from clients and suppliers during office hours resulting to minutes of work interruption.

Reporting to work late simply because you were attending to some side business emergency may result to you being unreliable and even dismissal.

Work time should be respected since your employer expects to get value for the money he pays you.

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3. Keep Off Office Resources

Every business expects to use the minimal cost in its operation, so does your side business.

This may result to you using the office resources that are at your disposal.

Stationery, office telephone to call clients and any other resource that comes your way as clever as it may sound, is simply theft.

Office resources are strictly there to benefit the organization and if your superiors realize this misconduct, then this can attract a chat with them in regards to the future of your job.

4. Avoid Conflict of Interest with Your Employer

Most side hustles are as a result of employers selling services to current customers who are under your employer’s account.

This is unprofessional, your employer took a lot time and effort to keep the current clients and therefore this would be automatically burning your bridges.

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Big businesses have been created through this form, but you do not want to do this when starting off.

Additionally, if your business involves selling wares to your coworkers, do not engage during working hours as this may not go well with your boss.

People have lost their day jobs for selling clothes during working hours as this tends to interfere with the work flow.

To sum it up your side business should not interfere with the daily employment routine.

If your business has outgrown, you should either employ someone to manage it or if it has potential then you should consider terminating your contract and focus on your business.

No matter the business always be careful not to burn bridges as this may have long term effectS on your career growth.

What is your current side hustle?