3 Creative Ways To Showcase Your Side hustle On Your CV

3 Creative Ways To Showcase Your Side hustle On Your CV

By Kibet Tobias
Finding a job can be a tough experience, especially when you’re competing against so many professionals for the same position. So, how do you stand out from the crowd? An updated CV is very essential for you.
Your CV helps employers establish your eligibility for the position you’re applying for. However, besides work experience, academic qualification and skills, what else should you include on your CV? Think about the side hustles or other passions you pursue. Side gigs can really offer you a direct ticket to a wonderful job because it portrays your creativity, business-know-how and other relevant transferable skills.
Now, how do you showcase your side hustle on your CV? Here are 3 creative ways to play with it…
1. Freelancing
If you’re a blogger, photographer or videographer you’re doing the same thing just like an online magazine or digital media company. This is important because possibly you have acquired skills that are relevant to the position you’re applying for.
Think of it as a fulltime job and create their descriptions. Just like you would do for your work experience, explain your accomplishments and state those people you have worked with where possible. Simply that!
Company: Blog Name
Position: Founder & Editor-in-Chief
Key Roles

  • Research and produce timely content for the blog.
  • Edit and optimize created content for the website including testimonials, case studies, and inspirational stories.
  • Publishing content on all social media platforms: Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and Instagram.
  • Regularly covering events like ABC
  • Work with a small team of content contributors.

Takeaway: Know that social media is on the rise, and most companies are turning to online platforms to build their name out there. By creating this kind of description, it shows a potential employer that you are experienced in managing a social media following. It also indicates that you know how to engage with clients. They will possibly hire you because, from your CV, they trust you can give their company a positive social media presence and bring in more potential clients.
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2. Part-time teacher
Most people have considered teaching before they landed on jobs in their chosen fields. Maybe you even studied a different course and currently you teach as you look for your dream job. You have a skill that employers may find valuable. You’re good to go!
You can’t forget the 86 students you helped get better grades in business studies. Here’s how to list your experience on the CV:
Company: School name
Position: (Insert any subject here) Teacher
Key Roles

  • Customize lesson plans and teach 86 group of students.
  • Collaborate with other teachers to prepare tests for students.
  • Tracking student’s performance during tests.
  • Observe students’ behavior and communicate with school administration.
  • Attending professional meetings, seminars, and conferences

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3. Photography
Maybe photography has been your talent and so it is your side hustle. Apart from earning your regular monthly income from it, include it in your CV and you will soon be on your way to earning a second big income from a full-time photography.
This is how you can do it!
Position: Photographer
Key Roles

  • Responsible for researching/booking models, composing shots and capturing subjects, editing and retouching images
  • Designing client’s brochures, portraits, and business cards
  • Cover events like sports, weddings, seminars, rallies and more

Takeaway: From this, it is clear you won’t need to be trained on editing softwares.  You’re already familiar with them. You will be hired!

What should you remember?

1. Keep It Short and Sweet
If you’re sharing a portfolio, keep your CV as short as possible. Don’t over exaggerate. Let your work speak for itself and remember that your written CV is a bit of a teaser for what you’ll be showing in the created portfolio.
You will discuss more information during the interview.
2. Focus on the Skills
Tailor your CV to fit your potential employer’s needs. By indicating that you’re a side-hustler actually makes you a more compelling candidate..
Focus on your unique skills that add value to your next employer.
In conclusion…
Nowadays, employers require more than just education qualification. Other learned skills can be useful to the organization you are applying for. Including your side hustle on the CV can be a great boost to your job search.