Sample Cover Letter For Procurement Internship

A cover letter is usually the first thing recruiters go through before they decide whether or not to look at your CV. Here is a sample cover letter for procurement internship to guide you as you write your own.

When drafting your cover letter you need to ensure that it is compelling enough to make the recruiter look at your CV.

Here are A Few Things To Check Before Sending Your Cover Letter

1. The Hiring Manager’s Name

Before you send a cover letter, ensure that you have used the right name on the receiver’s address.

You do not want to address your letter to the wrong person.

It is important to use the person’s name as opposed to writing Dear Sir/Madam or to whom it may concern. This will make the hiring manager know that you took time to research the organization. In turn, this shows your drive and initiative.

2. The Organization’s Name

The one thing you have to ensure you get right is the company name. Before you send out your application it is important that you double check that the company name you have used is correct.

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3. Your Contact Information

Surprisingly, most people end up writing the wrong contact information. Others will  indicate outdated contact information.

If your contact details are not correct, it will be very difficult for the employer to contact you when they want to invite you for an interview. This means they will move on to the next  candidate.

double check all your contact details to ensure nothing is missing.

4. Length

Most organizations have a limit as to how many words your cover letter can have and if this is the case, ensure you stick to that number.

You do not want to bore the hiring manager. Ideally, a cover letter is supposed to be short. Try and have information that is relevant to the job in the cover letter you send. The rest of the information is covered in your CV.

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Sample Cover Letter For Procurement Internship

Michelle Wanjiku

P.O Box 01 –60100


10th April 2019

Human Resource Manager

PCK Kenya

P.O Box 8545 – 10100


Dear Mr. Kungu,

RE: Application For Procurement Intern Position

As a recent Procurement graduate from JKUAT University, I believe my related course work and ongoing CPA studies make me a good candidate for an internship in your organization.

During my industrial attachment at GHC Group of Companies, I was able to familiarize myself with the daily activities in the procurement and supply chain. I am confident that this experience as well as my relevant education and desire to become exceptional at my job will be of great value to your company.

In addition to my qualifications, I have also taken up part-time jobs parallel to my 4-year course work through which I have nurtured my communication skills, multitasking and even working longer hours while still meeting targets. All these I believe will make me an asset to the procurement department.

I have attached my CV for your perusal and consideration. Should you have any questions or to schedule an interview, you can reach me on (give contact). Thank you for your time.



Michelle Wanjiku


Use this sample cover letter for procurement internship to guide you when drafting your own cover letter in order to improve your chances of getting a job.

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