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Skill vs Theory, what works in today’s market?

Let us first distinguish the two before we tackle the debate.

Theory is knowledge while skills are practical.  Simple right?

Look at it this way, you can know all the rules to a sport, know all the team players by name and position, the statistics and even make great predictions at who will win or lose but, does it make you great at the sport?

Unfortunately no, you are just knowledgeable about the sport. You need to actually play the sport, practice its techniques and improve your skills through experience.

That is what makes you great at it, you practice it!

The same applies to accounting: You can know all the accounting theories,  but might not have all the required  skills to apply that knowledge to specific tasks, knowing does not make you skilled.

However, it’s only through practice that you will be able to master the fundamentals of advanced accounting and match the real-life accounting needs that employers want.

The best way to stay ahead of the pack and demonstrate your dedication to thrive in the accounting field is by taking the Practical Account Training and Career Mentorship Program.

Though I am a qualified accountant (CPA-K) I was struggling to get job interviews as I didn’t have practical accounting skills. This training was able to bridge the gap and I now know what is required of me as an accountant. I feel confident applying for jobs, and since i started applying, i have already received two interviews.  I am sure i will get a job very soon”. – Fredrick Mburu

Are you a qualified CPA or Business professional who lacks accounting work experience?

Do you know how to file VAT, P.AY.E, N.S.S.F, N.H.I.F, withholding tax and other taxes?

Do you understand how to work with QuickBooks?

Do you find Payroll processing and management overwhelming?

If you face any of the above challenges, our weekly Practical Accounting Training and Mentorship Class will help you hone hands-on accounting skills that will make you competent in all these areas.

What will you learn in the training?

  1. How to input entries in QuickBooks?
  2. Online Payroll processing. How to file payroll statutory including P.A.Y.E, N.H.I.F, and N.S.S.F
  3. I-Tax V.A.T returns. How to prepare V.A.T and Withholding tax returns (W/tax)
  4. How to accurately prepare year end statutory accounts
  5. Filing of the corporation tax return
  6. How to prepare a set of management accounts
  7. How to write a CV that is attractive to employers
  8. How to answer general interview questions and those specific to accounting

How will you benefit?

After completion of the training, you will receive an accredited certificate (certified by Nita) that you can showcase at your job interviews or your workplace to land a promotion.

What are you waiting for? Register for the training now. Send a reply to this email and I will get back to you with the details.

Enrol now for the next class that starts on Monday 21st October to Friday 25th October

Call the training coordinator, Jane using this number 0768 669 016 or reach her through email at and cc

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