How Shoemaker Rose From Ksh500 Rental House to CEO of Real Estate Firm

How Shoemaker Rose From Ksh500 Rental House to CEO of Real Estate Firm

Do a quick search through the business archives and you can find lists of successful entrepreneurs that started with nothing and still hit dizzying heights of business success. You might be sitting there today wondering how you can possibly get your idea off the ground, with technology at your fingertips, it’s never been easier to get your product developed and your brand into the minds of potential customers. If you’re in need of some inspiration, don’t worry.

Here is James Kinyua’s story. James Kinyua, popularly known as Kinyua Wairatu, the CEO of Maono Land Ltd, on Friday, May 5, narrated his rags-to-riches story on the Jeff Kuria Show.

Kinyua, who began as a shoemaker in 2001 to 2009 in Dandora, Nairobi County, worked in different sectors before venturing into the real estate business.

He detailed that he was not ashamed of his humble beginning noting that God lifted him from grass to grace. The CEO also worked as a carpenter, making furniture for a local school in Dandora to make ends meet.

“When I started mending shoes, I began to live a better life and rented my own house paying Ksh500 monthly. In a day I would get between Ksh60-Ksh100 in a day. Things were not smooth but I pushed through,” he narrated. He started selling shoe laces and polishing shoes in his small shoe-making shop.

Kinyua also sold the Shabiki magazine at about Ksh30 a piece in his rise to success. He also raised Ksh7,000 from friends to print his first eight-page book, Who is Kinyua Wairatu.

The Shabiki magazine highlighted the lives of Kenyans across the country. He argued that it resonated with many readers since most of the magazines in the market looked at international affairs. “I taught myself how to do everything I know. I am a fast learner,” he stated.

He explained that the increased use of smartphones and the internet rendered his magazine unnecessary, forcing him to shift to selling land before he started his own company.

Kinyua revealed that he initially had an issue registering the company as many of the names had been reserved. He noted that Maono (Dreams) came to him in a vision.

The CEO currently serves as the chairperson of the Association of Real Estate Stakeholders.”Do not listen to people when tell you that you cannot do anything. If you believe you can then do it,” he advised.

Key Lessons To Learn

So what can we learn from James Kinyua’s success story? Firstly, no idea is too small to start with. You don’t need piles of cash to get started. Sure, you may need a small loan. But raising thousands of shillings in capital is not required for business success. . Instead, start small and see what you can achieve from a humble, low-budget start. You might be surprised.

Your background doesn’t need to define your future. Successful entrepreneurs understand this well: the only way to truly learn and move forward is through action. The lack of wealth, in many cases, has shown to be a motivator for those who desire to build a better future. So don’t let your own life’s setup or setbacks hold you down. Use them as fuel to power you forward on your own entrepreneurial journey, too.