Britam Head of Business Development Retail Job

Head of Business Development Retail Job, Current Insurance Jobs In Kenya,

Job Purpose:

The job holder will oversee all Retail Business channels and drive growth through all the channels.

Key responsibilities:

  • Drive growth of business through all channels direct and intermediated channels. 
  • Develop strategies to grow retail business.
  • Coordinate with the Business Development team retail to grow FA and IFA business.
  • Collaborate with BDM Pension Management needed to ensure aligned messaging.
  • Collaborate with the portfolio management team to grow the customer base.
  • Plan and carry out marketing investment products in all regions in collaboration with the customer experience department.
  • Develop partnerships with external parties to leverage business growth.
  • Collaborate with the Customer Experience team to drive client satisfaction and client retention.
  • Prepare periodic performance reports. 
  • Develop and enhance the different customer affinity groupings.
  • Attend product training/portfolio review, to be up to date with the market developments.
  • Delegated Authority: As per the approved Delegated Authority Matrix.

Key Performance Measures:

  • Increase in number of Retail customers as per defined targets.
  • Increase in Retail sales to corporate customers.
  • Increase in Retail customers of investment products.
  • Retention among Retail customers using Investment and Pension products.

Knowledge, experience, and qualifications required

  • Bachelor’s degree.
  • Professional qualification in related studies. 
  • 7- 10 years experience in investments, insurance, or banking; 3-4 of which should be in a managerial capacity.
  • Experience in Retail Sales in digital, intermediated channels, and Relationship Management.
  • Significant experience in stakeholder management and working with various teams to ensure segment strategies are achieved. 

Leadership category responsibility framework (Core Competencies):
Change Leaders in Britam need to:

  • Strategically lead a function to service customers from a sustainable and growing customer base whilst increasing profit;
  • Continuously configure and adapt the functional area to most effectively suit the future view of the business;
  • Introduce new concepts so that they are adopted appropriately at the right time (manage the rate of change);
  • Be in touch with the changing industry, customer needs, and international best practices; 
  • Improve the efficiency of the function by appropriately challenging managers about operational and tactical issues; 
  • Ensure the function has the most appropriate people capability through effective inspirational leadership, people development, and optimized succession planning; 
  • Ensure clarity of expectations for individuals in the function and other stakeholders across the group;
  • Facilitate functional integration; 
  • Ensure the development and establishment of appropriate behavior and values (culture) within the function that aligns with the strategic direction and values of the business; 
  • Coordinate between functions and divisions to ensure optimization of the value chain and resources; 
  • Ensure alignment of strategy, objectives, and deliverables within the function;
  • Develop innovative partnerships and distribution channels to increase Britam’s market penetration;
  • Ensure a seamless experience for clients;
  • Appropriately allocate funds and capital to maximize shareholder value;
  • Adequately manage operational risk;
  • Increase operational efficiency; 
  • Provide access to accurate and consistent information and services across all channels;
  • Improve quality and speed of decision-making across the business.

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Closing Date: 15-11-2023