Roam Electric Warehouse Staff Job

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About us

Our vision is to make electric mobility more accessible to a broader market by making the technology more cost-efficient and simplifying deployment. Roam focuses on mass transit products, such as electric motorcycles used for taxi and delivery as well as electric buses in a public transport setting.

About the role:

We are looking to hire a Warehouse Staff, who will be responsible for ensuring the following core responsibilities:

  • Strict adherence to “no scan – no move policy” without exceptions
  • Fulfillment of picks, putaways, movements, and shipments (sales order fulfillment) according to the relevant and updated SOPs
  • Adherence to agreed-upon (fixed) working hours and break schedule
  • Flexibility in task execution based on operational workload and demand – execute putaway, picking, movement, counts

Key Duties and Responsibilities

  • Ensuring that every material movement and interaction is guided by the ERP/WMS.
  • Always ensuring the highest level of stock correctness possible (100%).
  • The goal is to fulfill all possible material demands arising from the company’s operations as efficiently and in the highest quality possible.
  • This means that counting and the execution of movements are performed with 100% accuracy in terms of quantity and placement.
  • Regular execution of sample/cycle counts – in bin locations that are selected and provided by the person responsible for stock correctness.
  • Maintaining a safe working environment in the warehouse. This means that there is no trash on floors or other work surfaces
  • Following all health and safety protocols and procedures.
  • Orderly storage and arrangement of all stocks and tools.
  • Conducting regular safety checks on equipment and machinery.
  • Reporting any safety hazards or incidents to the appropriate personnel.

Qualifications and experience

  • Proper and on-point communication, using the right channel for the right purpose.#
  • Time management, commitment, and communicating well and in good time if things have to change for any reason.
  • The ability to communicate well in English both internally and externally.
  • Basic, if not excellent, computer skills working in the ERP and other programs, such as Excel, used in the work.
  • 5’s methodology know-how.

How To Apply

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Deadline: 1st December 2023