AAR Healthcare Facilities Coordinator Job

Duties and Responsibilities

  • Coordinate Routine Daily Facility Maintenance Activities for the hospital with the Maintenance Supervisor and Maintenance staff; including but not limited to civil, mechanical, electrical, plumbing and landscaping works.
  •  Coordinate Facility Preventive Maintenance Schedules for non-biomedical and ICT related equipment with the Maintenance Supervisor and/or External Contractors
  •  Proactively identify and manage Staff and Patient risk areas within the context of the building structures and equipment
  •  Collaborate, develop and operationalize maintenance related policies, procedures and SOPs as agreed upon with the Operations Support Manager
  •  Undertake the coordination of facility related projects under the guidance of the Operations support manager
  •  Suggest and Implement facility improvements to optimize utilization of Utility and Facility Services
  •  Coordinate internal and external Service Level Agreements to ensure optimized service delivery for Maintenance Department
  •  Coordinate Quality improvement initiatives for the Maintenance department
  •  Undertake reporting of Daily, Weekly and Quarterly Facility Maintenance activities and progress to the Operations Support Manager
  •  Provide leadership on staff matters in the department e.g., Staffing levels, recruitment, deployment, performance management, staff training and development, discipline etc.
  •  Participate in preparing, managing, and controlling the department’s budget.
  •  Any other duty as may be assigned from time to time by the Operations Support Manager.


  •  Bachelor’s Degree in Facility Management, Building Construction, Engineering, Architecture, Business Management, or related field.

Job Experience

  •  Three (3) years of relevant working experience in in facility coordination, project management, or real estate.
  •  Experience in managing outsourced companies.
  •  Experience with heavy schedule management
  •  Performance monitoring and attention to details
  •  Vendor management

Key Competencies – Skills/ Knowledge/ Aptitude

  •  Extensive experience in building and equipment maintenance.
  •  Advanced knowledge of maintenance planning and schedules.
  •  Ability to respond to building and equipment emergencies.
  •  In-depth knowledge of building safety regulations and security protocols.
  •  Knowledge of bidding processes, outsourcing contracts
  •  Knowledge of quality control and procedures
  •  Excellent communication skills both verbal and written.
  •  Good problem-solving skills
  •  Strong customer service skills
  •  Excellent interpersonal skills and a collaborative management style.
  •  A demonstrated commitment to high professional ethical standards in a diverse workplace
  •  Excellent people manager, open to direction and feedback.
  •  Proven ability to lead and manage multiple teams simultaneously.
  •  Computer literacy and demonstrated knowledge of MS Office suite and Facilities Management Software.

How To Apply

Application Deadlines: 29th February 2024.

For qualified candidates kindly send your cover letter and CV to recruitment@aarhospital.com