LVCT Health Business Manager Job

Job purpose

To oversee and drive the commercial aspects of the LVCT Group, ensuring sustainable growth and revenue generation while staying aligned with the organization’s mission.

Roles and responsibilities:
Strategy development:

  •  Formulate and implement commercial strategies aligned with the organization’s goals, balancing financial sustainability with social impact
  •  Oversight in the implementation of the business plan

Business development:

  •  Identify and pursue new business opportunities, partnerships, and markets to expand the enterprise’s commercial footprint
  •  Conduct market surveys
  •  Develop and evaluate innovative product offerings
  •  Implement innovative marketing strategies and campaigns

Stakeholder engagement:

  •  Build and maintain relationships with stakeholders, including customers, partners, investors, and the community, fostering strong collaborations and support
  •  Hold regular meetings with stakeholders
  •  Ensure quality assurance of products and processes

Revenue generation and profitability:

  •  Create and execute revenue-generating initiatives, such as product/service sales, fundraising  campaigns, sponsorships, or grants
  •  Ensure sustained growth and profitability in line with the business goals

Financial management:

  •  Develop and manage budgets, financial forecasts, pricing strategies, and cost-control measures to ensure profitability.
  •  Ensure financial targets are consistently met

Staff management:

  •  Provide leadership to a pool of staff across different regions in Kenya.
  •  Ensure targets are met by the staff.
  •  Manage the Group senior management team (SMT).

Monitoring and reporting:

  •  Establish key performance indicators (KPIs) to measure success.
  •  Regularly report on the commercial division’s performance to the LVCT Health senior management team and board.

Compliance and ethics:

  •  Ensure compliance with legal, regulatory, and ethical standards in all commercial activities.
  •  Maintain the enterprise’s integrity and reputation.

Skills and qualifications:

  •  MSc/MPhil/MA/M.Ed. Relevant business-related degree. A master’s degree is desirable.
  •  8 years’ experience in business management, preferably in a commercial setting within the context of a social enterprise or a purpose-driven organization.
  •  Strong leadership and team management skills with the ability to inspire and motivate teams toward common goals.
  •  Exceptional strategic planning and problem-solving abilities, capable of navigating complex business challenges while staying true to the social mission.
  •  Proficiency in financial management, budgeting, and resource allocation.
  •  Excellent communication, negotiation, and relationship-building skills.
  •  A commitment to social impact and understanding of the nuances between profit generation and social purpose

How To Apply

Interested and qualified candidates are invited to submit their letters of application, curriculum vitae along with contacts of three referees, salary history, and expectations to NOT later than 23rd February 2024. The position applied for and reference number should be clearly indicated on the subject line and cover letter.

Applications will be reviewed on a rolling basis. Only shortlisted candidates will be contacted. The position applied for and reference number should be clearly indicated on the subject line and cover letter.