SOS Children’s Villages Community Development Worker Job

SOS Children’s Villages Community Development Worker Job

Position Summary:

Reporting to the Program Coordinator, the CDW will facilitate program development, provide overall coordination and strategic direction, forge networks with other stakeholders and monitor, evaluate and report on other sub-projects within the family support program. He/she will also be responsible for planning and implementing activities within the family support program including the capacity building projects. In addition, he/she will coordinate the family support program activities and ensure that they conform to the goals and objectives of the family strengthening programs. The position will in particular support the Family support Team Leader in this regard.

Key performance areas and main responsibilities:

Management of the Family Support program

  •  Assist in the development of strategies relating to the program
  •  Implement all activities within the family support program
  •  Propose measures for program strengthening especially of the support groups
  •  Prepare detailed annual plans, budgets, reports and planning schedules.
  •  Holds regular reviews and assessments with all beneficiaries /Target Groups, Support Groups, Community Health Workers and contact persons and identify areas for improvement.
  •  Maintain a healthy relationship at all times between the staff, families and contact person

Responsible for all Target Group assessments and selection of beneficiaries into the program

  •  Carry out social assessments of the families and individuals referred from the VCT.
  •  Conduct home visits to families assessed to verify further information given and also establish their economic status.
  •  Using the selection criteria and with the help of the other social workers, select beneficiaries to be supported by the program.
  •  Always maintain an up to date record of beneficiaries in terms of number of families, children, adults, youth and sex.
  •  Ensure that all records are well kept; maintain an excellent filing system in form of hard copies as well as in the computers.
  •  Update the fact sheet and other records on quarterly basis.

Facilitate Open communications within the Family Support Team and other departments

  •  Attend regular department meetings.
  •  Ensure that up-to-date records for all reports, minutes of meetings, correspondence etc. are properly documented and safely kept.
  •  Facilitate effective communication within the team to build a cohesive and supportive unit.
  •  Facilitate open communication and coordination between the family support program and other programs in the center.
  •  Objectively resolve problems and make timely decisions affecting the team and the operations of their work.

Facilitate the educational development of children in the target group

  •  With the assistance of the community representatives develop selection criteria to identify children to besupported for bursary and assist them in the selection.
  •  Monitor the performance and progress of all the children supported in the program every term and develop progress charts.
  •  Prepare holiday programme ensuring that sufficient educational and recreational activities are offered to the children.
  •  Ensure that all the children are ready for school whenever the new term begins by purchasing personal school materials for them well in advance to avoid lateness and delays.

Facilitate and ensure the effectiveness of all the support groups, Community Health Workers and community representatives

  •  In collaboration with the VCT counselors, conduct group counseling sessions for the support groups and provide emotional support.
  •  Organize trainings for the support groups and Community Health Workers according to need.
  •  Facilitate the CHWS and Support groups in their efforts to provide psychological and social support to each other.
  •  Monitor the progress of support groups through attending their meetings at least once every month.
  •  Follow up on the activities of the Community Health Workers.
  •  Provide incentives in form of trainings and material rewards to the Community Health Workers to motivate them

Establish links and develop networks with NGOs, CBOs, donors GOK departments and community

  •  Identify potential donors, government of Kenya departments and private businesses and establish networks.
  •  Coordinate activities with partners in areas of mutual interest.
  •  Maintain good relations with the local and international sponsors through ensuring prompt correspondence and providing regular updates on progress of the programmes.
  •  Handle and respond to high-level correspondence in consultation with the Project Coordinator and/or his appointee

Data Management and Protection

  •  At all times ensures that personal data of donors, sponsors, SOS Children’s Villages beneficiaries and their families as well as SOS co-workers is handled confidentially and in accordance with prevailing SOS-Kinderdorf International data protection laws.
  •  Combine and rearrange data from source documents where required, enter data from source documents into prescribed computer database, files and forms
  •  Transcribe information into required electronic format, Scan documents into document management systems or databases and store completed documents in designated locations.
  •  Check completed work for accuracy; maintain logbooks or records of activities and tasks undertaken on/in the databases.
  •  Respond to requests for information and access relevant files while ensuring compliance with data integrity and security policies
  •  Ensure that data on all program participants is accurate and up to date as per the set standards/frequency of updating and review (every 3 – 6 Months)
  • Performs any other tasks that may be assigned by the immediate supervisor from time to time

Formal qualifications & Experience Requirements

  •  Bachelor’s Degree in Social Sciences, Community development, Child psychology or related disciplines.
  •  4 years’ progressive experience working with vulnerable populations (children, youth, women) and community groups
  •  Knowledge in data collection, analysis and knowledge management
  •  Experience with project cycle management in a complex project is desirable
  •  Experience in child -focused organizations working with children on care, protection and advocacy is an added advantage
  •  Strong analytical ability as well as excellent oral and written communication skills in English and Kiswahili is preferred
  •  Must be a team player with excellent interpersonal skills
  •  Strong written and oral skills in English and Kiswahili with strong report writing skills

How To Apply

If you believe your experience, competencies and qualifications match the job and role specifications described; send a Cover Letter & updated CV in PDF with details of 3 traceable referees one of which must be immediate former employer to addressed to the Human Resource Manager to reach us on or before 8th March 2024. Subject reference is Community Development Worker, Eldoret.