PSCK Animal Health Officer Job

Duties and responsibilities 
This is the entry grade for this cadre. An officer at this level will work under the guidance of a senior officer. Duties and responsibilities at this level will include:- 

  • Overseeing construction and maintenance of farm structures; 
  • Giving  advice  on dip designing, siting and appraising construction ; and 
  • Inspection and verification of imports and export of consignments; 
  • Training and advising on milking techniques and external parasite control techniques such as dipping, spraying and dusting;
  • Carrying out vaccination, closed castration, dehorning, animal identification, deworming, disbudding, docking, debeaking and hoof trimming; 
  • Carrying out simple treatment of animals;
  • Participating in disease search, collecting and collating data and writing technical reports; keeping records on animal breeding, animal health, milk production, dipping data, slaughter house daily kill, meat condemnation and movement permits; 
  • Maintaining dairy units;
  • Participating in animal health field demonstrations and agricultural shows; 
  • Undertaking equipment sterilization, sample collection, packaging and dispatch; inspecting livestock stock routes; 
  • Rearing experimental animals; 
  • Issuing of livestock movement permits; 
  • Undertaking artificial insemination, meat inspection and grading; and 
  • Enforcing slaughterhouse hygiene, meat transport regulations and inspection of retail outlets of foods of animal origin.

For appointment to this grade, a candidate must have:

  • Have Bachelor’s degree in any of the following disciplines; – Animal Health Management; Animal Production, Animal Production and Health Management, Environmental Health Sciences, Livestock Economics or Health Extension from a recognized institution; and
  • Be registered by the Kenya Veterinary Board

How To Apply

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