APA Life Assurance Forensics Manager Job

Duties & Responsibilities

  • Develop and implement the Fraud/ Bribery & Corruption/ Whistleblowing Framework across the Group 
  • Develop and implement the Fraud/ Bribery & Corruption/ Whistleblowing policies and procedures across the Group 
  • Develop and Implement a Fraud Management Plan 
  • Develop and implement preventive, detective, and investigative methodologies for different types of Fraud/Financial Crimes 
  • Remain current with new trends in Fraud/ Financial Crimes and share insight/ research/ knowledge on a periodic basis 
  • Undertake Fraud Risk Assessments to strengthen mitigation measures 
  • Manage the Forensic investigation process ensuring that quality, efficiency, completeness, and accuracy of investigations are maintained 
  • Develop and implement Automated Fraud Decisioning Models 


  • Defines the mandate, scope, investigation plan, and resourcing methodology for the forensic investigation 
  • Carry out forensic investigations into cases of suspected fraud and to ensure that due process is followed and the outcome is based on investigations and actual situation 
  • Gather, examine, and analyze all types of evidence to ensure sufficiency and relevance to support prosecution in a court of law 
  • Ensure that investigations are executed in a compliant manner by adhering to the requirements of applicable laws, regulations (associated within a forensic environment), and business policies, procedures, and processes 
  • Review quantification methodologies pertaining to forensic investigations. This would include the quantification of the financial loss or prejudice from economic crime to the Apollo Group and its subsidiaries 
  • Gather manual and/or electronic information required to assist in the financial quantifications of forensic investigations
  • Conduct interviews with relevant individuals where necessary, or on an ad-hoc basis 
  • Engage with forensic experts to assist in evidence gathering and/or to furnishing of professional opinions 
  • Ensure efficiency, quality, completeness, and accuracy of investigations and audits performed 
  • Provide adequate recommendations based on investigation findings 
  • Initiate cases and external litigation matters arising from investigations 
  • Provide support/lead evidence during post-investigative corrective actions (e.g. disciplinary hearings, civil and criminal proceedings), including additional work required by Third Parties 


  • Update fraud database, and case logs and prepare monthly statistical reports. 
  • Prepare and review forensic investigative reports before submission to relevant stakeholders and ensure that the reporting protocols are observed 
  • Carry out data analytics and use technology to develop preventive fraud controls and review data for patterns of fraud and anomalies. 
  • Prepares reports every quarter to the Board Audit Risk and Compliance Committees of Apollo Group and its subsidiaries, as appropriate on significant governance issues identified and progress against open forensic cases, correct standard, are accurate and complete, and are written on time. 


  • Develop and conduct Anti-Fraud Training and Awareness Campaigns to staff members and stakeholders 
  • Set up and maintain an Anti-Fraud/ whistle-blower/ ethics channel of communication 
  • Liaise with clients, in-house counsel, external legal teams, witnesses, other experts, police, criminal prosecutors and regulatory enforcers 
  • Attends, monitors, evaluates, and contributes to discussions at relevant Management Committees where assurance about the area of specialization is being discussed 
  • Discuss all significant findings with senior management 
  • Share knowledge, networks, and collaborate with Internal Audit on findings 
  • Discuss and obtain input/ agreement/ approval on the annual fraud management plan
  • Maintain a network of internal and external professional contacts 

Key Requirements

  • Bachelor’s degree in Criminology, Criminal Justice, Forensics Accounting, Commercial Forensics or relevant field 
  • Master’s degree in finance, law, or accountancy (is an added Advantage) 
  • Ability to analyze company accounts and financial information 
  • Extensive knowledge of common laws on fraud, corruption, bribery, and whistleblowing 
  • Knowledge of investigation concepts (evidence preservation and collection, data privacy, legal privilege, investigative interviewing technique, business intelligence) 
  • Familiar with the various dispute resolution mechanisms (e.g. trial, civil hearing, mediation, arbitration, regulatory/competition tribunals) 
  • Up-to-date knowledge of relevant legislation that applies to the Group and the Financial Services industry including Kenya and Uganda contexts 
  • Computer applications 
  • Use of forensic tools, analytical skills 
  • Report writing skills 
  • Decision-making ability to make strategic decisions in a timely and effective manner 
  • High moral and ethical standing 
  • Demonstrable interpersonal and communication skills 
  • Leadership skills and effective Team player 

Professional Qualifications & Experience

  • Professional qualification such as CPA (K), CFA, CFE, Compliance or an equivalent 
  • At least 5-7 years of working experience in Fraud Management, Forensics, or audit-related field
  • Experience in financial services- Insurance and Asset Management or Banking, 
  • Experience with data analytics software and data visualization tools. 

How To Apply

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