Habitat for Humanity International Urban Programs Manager Job

Habitat for Humanity International Urban Programs Manager Job

  • The Urban Programs Manager will provide leadership and support to HFH AFR National Offices (NOs) in building capacity to implement shelter/housing and settlement programs in urban environments, facilitate knowledge exchange between practitioners, build and strengthen urban networks with external agencies and organizations, and support the development of national urban housing strategies (where applicable). This role will work collaboratively with other functional areas in the AFR Operations team to achieve a coordinated approach for addressing the challenges of urban shelter and settlements programming, as well as engaging with partner organizations, government agencies and donors for a holistic community-based outcome. The position will also contribute to urban global initiatives, including the Global Urban Community of Practice and the co-development of practice-guiding tools and other knowledge products, as well as global capacity building initiatives and events. The ideal candidate will possess a sound working knowledge of pro-poor urban development and low-income urban housing models and will demonstrate significant practical experience in leading initiatives that bring together these two areas of knowledge, including a focus on informal settlements and slum upgrading.

Duties & Responsibilities

  • Program Implementation and Support:
  • Provide technical advice and guidance to National Offices in the development of national urban strategies and programs that respond to the rapid urbanization trends in the region, aligning them with local strategic urban or policy priorities, and ensuring the adoption of impactful, comprehensive, and participatory approaches to their work.
  • Identify and guide scalable and sustainable models for urban programming adapted to the different contexts in the African region.
  • Offer technical expertise on adequate and affordable housing and inclusive urban development during proposal development processes to ensure the technical integrity of projects with an urban emphasis, both at the country and regional levels, for development and humanitarian fields.
  • Apply systems thinking in urban programming to ensure that urban shelter programming issues are integrated through every functional area (such as disaster response and risk reduction, advocacy, market development, water sanitation and hygiene, VGH etc.).
  • Capacity Building
  • Support and advise NOs in the recruitment, orientation, and training of suitably qualified and experienced staff to implement urban shelter programs; provide ongoing support to those staff.
  • Assist in the coordination and facilitation of learning events or workshops linked to urban programming issues. Lead individual learning sessions on urban shelter programming within regional forum(s).
  • Support and advise individual NOs and the community of practice members as they pilot and implement new urban programming approaches, models, and tools.
  • Development and implementation of consultancy services
  • Develop a business plan for consultancy services in urban development, policies, and planning, and urban housing schemes and projects under HFH AFR AO. These services would focus on providing technical assistance to public entities, mainstreaming pro-poor, inclusive, and sustainable approaches to urban development and housing.
  • Coordinate a scoping exercise across the region to identify appropriate opportunities for such consultancy services, as well as identify key subject matter experts, universities, research institutes, etc., which could be engaged for these services under the HFH brand.
  • Lead and coordinate consulting services engagements to public entities from Habitat’s AFR AO in the design and implementation of local housing policies, planning, programs, and projects, by managing external consultants to deliver the services.
  • Participation and management of events
  • Lead or contribute to the effective management and success of conferences, seminars, forums, roundtables, and other national and regional events. This includes (but is not limited to) Regional Housing Forums, Urban Housing Practitioners’ Hubs’ events, etc.).
  • When leading the management of the events, drive entire project life cycles, from event vision and concept to timeline management, budgets, vendors, staffing, execution, creation of different supporting committees (internal and external) and reporting for the events.
  • Internal and External Liaison and Coordination.
  • Assist in administering and convening meetings with key stakeholders to strategically position HFH AFR as a regional lead in addressing affordable and adequate housing issues particularly in the urban context.
  • Participate and actively contribute in appropriate HFHI forums, working groups and networks related to urban programs.
  • Nurture and maintain strategic relationships with external actors at regional level (e.g. UN-Habitat, World Vision prominent cso/professional/academic/research institutions) to contribute to organizational learning and build Habitat for Humanity’s credibility and influence in the area of urban programs.

Applications will close on 26th March 2024.

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