AKUH Operating Theatre & Recovery Nurse Job


  • Ensure complete pre-op assessment including the surgical checklist, nursing documentation and physician’s assessment
  • Receive the patient prior to surgery, gets report from the accompanying nurse and performs pre-op checklist.
  • Circulate and assist as needed for minor surgeries under supervision
  • Ensure effective recovery of stable patients post any form of anesthesia.
  • Assists with intubation and extubating of patient in the Post Anesthesia Care Unit (PACU) and if required in the Operating Room (OR)
  • Communicate with anesthetist and primary teams regarding patient issues and shifting plans.
  •  Promptly report both clinical and non-clinical unusual findings to the nurse manager or designee
  • Identify patient and family learning needs and initiate appropriate teaching
  • Perform pain assessment and initiate analgesia as required
  • Ensure that nursing documentation is timely, comprehensive and complete
  • Ensure all specimens are properly labelled and delivered to the lab in a timely manner
  • Provide safe environment for patients through adherence to infection control practices and other safety policies
  • Be able to recognize a patient in a pre-arrest or arrest states and initiate Basic Life Support
  • Dispose of clinical and non-clinical waste safely in accordance with Aga Khan University Hospital guidelines on waste management
  • Administer medication safely, monitor patient responses to medication and promptly report adverse reactions
  • Care of equipment through cleaning, storage, per shift check of the inventory and timely reporting and follow up on non-functional equipment to the nurse manger designee.
  • Participate in unit based nursing education, quality improvement (QI) projects, audits, spot checks and skill checks
  • Provide patients with perioperative care in procedure, operating, and recovery rooms
  • Scrub Circulate and assist as needed for all surgical cases
  • Ensure that the operating room runs smoothly and all necessary surgical supplies and equipment are available prior to patient entering the OR.
  • Assist in the maintenance and storage of surgical equipment and report immediately
  • Evaluate surgical patients prior to surgery and in postoperative phases
  • Communicate with patients and other healthcare professionals to ensure continuity of postoperative care
  • Apply aseptic and sterile techniques to medical instruments and equipment before, during, and after surgery
  • Alleviate patients’ concerns by answering questions and providing postoperative care instructions
  • Prepare patients for surgery by disinfecting their skin at the operation site and positioning them on the operating table
  • Adhere to all relevant health and safety standards

Skills and qualifications

  • In-depth knowledge of surgical operation procedures
  • Highly skilled at assessing patients prior to surgery and providing them with perioperative care
  • Extensive knowledge of aseptic and sterile techniques
  • Ability to collaborate with surgeons and other healthcare professionals
  • Solid understanding of patient health and safety standards
  • Excellent organizational skills


  • RN from a recognized school of nursing or university
  • Current licensure with the Nursing Council of Kenya
  • Certification in Basic Life Support (BLS)
  • Higher Diploma in Peri-operative Theatre Nursing is an added advantage
  • Demonstrate evidence based knowledge of current practices in theater nursing.

How To Apply

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