Opticom Kenya Pre-Sales Engineer Job

Job Description

  •  Performs a technical presentation and demo of all Company Products.
  •  Describes Company products and how they interact with 3rd party technologies.
  •  Prepares and delivers solution based product presentations to customers.
  •  Adjusts technical content to meet different audience knowledge and interest, and can juggle meetings with multiple audience levels.
  •  Analyzes RFPs/RFIs.
  •  Develops proposals that address customers’ / prospects’ needs.
  •  Comes up with quotation based on BOQ and RFPs
  •  Defines project scope based on customers’ / prospects’ needs.
  •  Accurately sizes projects based the define scope.
  •  Develops standard financial proposals.
  •  Develops the required technical and product solution based collaterals.
  •  Develops pilots using Company and 3rd party products as a proof of concept.
  •  Gives Company Products Training to Partners.
  •  Handles a request for a demo or presentation without the need of any higher management assistance.
  •  Performs a detailed competitive analysis.

Job Requirements

  •  Bachelor’s degree in Electronics & Communication Engineering.
  •  1 to 2 years of experience in CCTV & Automation systems including:
  •  CCTV Systems.
  •  Access Control Systems.
  •  Video Management Systems.
  •  Security systems integration.
  •  Proven record of Technical Knowledge & understanding of CCTV & IP Networking.
  •  Good knowledge of IT infrastructure and related technologies.
  •  Excellent command of English language.
  •  Excellent awareness of Microsoft office tools.
  •  Excellent Communication, Presentation & Negotiations skills.

How To Apply

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