World Vision Project Officer – Livelihood & Resilience Job

World Vision Project Officer – Livelihood & Resilience Job

Key Responsibilities
Effective project design, planning and implementation 40%

  • Contextualize/adopt GROW ENRICH design guidelines to maximize project impact
  • Ensure the biofortification and other agriculture/Food security/ Livelihoods interventions are implemented within schedule, plans and budgets
  • Ensure agriculture/Food security/ Livelihoods interventions are integrated and inclusive of gender, child protection, disability, Christian commitment and advocacy
  • Ensure identification of local needs and resources and take appropriate programming measures
  • Support in developing quality project Annual work plans with clear targets, budgets on the livelihood’s components
  • Mobilize Communities for project implementation
  • Provide field-level technical implementation leadership on Agriculture/FS
  • Ensure proper and timely implementation of Agriculture/FS interventions in the GROW ENRICH as per approved design documents, WVK standards and donor requirements
  • Ensure effective integration of Agriculture/FS interventions with other projects in the program
  • Implement project audit recommendations;
  • Ensure integration of Child protection, Disability, Gender mainstreaming and environmental protection into Agriculture/FS interventions
  • Track, in liaison with AP Project Accountant, project implementation expenditure levels and manage work plans and budgets;
  • Timely Mobilization and effective communication with communities and stakeholders during baselines and evaluations
  • Ensure identification of local needs and resources
  • Timely implementation of L&R activities as per approved work plans
  • Project(s) goals achieved
  • Implementation within timelines and acceptable burn rates
  • Local resources optimized for impact in L&R
  • Vulnerable Households adopt biofortified crops
  • Lead farmers identified and capacity built to upscale biofortification component of the project
  • L&R activities well integrated in other MNCH activities

Monitoring, reporting and documentation 35%

  • Engage community structures and partners in the planning of the monitoring activities in an appropriate manner;
  • Develop monitoring plan with communities and partners agreeing on the required standards for monitoring, with support from the Regional DME specialists;
  • Build the capacity of communities and partners on monitoring of including using Agriculture/FS activities
  • Ensure monthly monitoring of indicators as per schedule developed together with communities and partners;
  • Analyze and utilize Agriculture/FS data and take appropriate programming measures as may apply;
  • Ensure participatory monthly data collection (involving community groups and partners);
  • Support the utilization of Agriculture/FS DME softwares for accurate data entry and analysis using the standardized tools
  • Facilitate regular reflections on monitoring practice to make improvements as needed.
  • Contextualize and utilize reporting guidelines;
  • Develop quality project reports (Annual, Semi-annul and Monthly Management Reports) in-line with donor and WV reporting guidelines;
  • Monthly monitor project expenditure and level of implementation and report on any variances to AP/Project Manager and NO Programme Officer for decision making;
  • Ensure documentation of local needs and resources;
  • Identify best practices on Agriculture/FS within the AP/Project for documentation;
  • Liaise for guidance in documentation of best practices from the regional office and national office;
  • Timely development and submission of project reports as per set Donor and WVK guidelines and standards
  • Effective monitoring and tracking of L&R interventions
  • Project reports communicate impact
  • L&R aspects within project survey effectively designed and completed
  • L&R aspects of project well designed and planned and in line with donor and WVK standards

Engagement, networking and fundraising 20%

  • Ensure that the key laws, polices, regulations and government service delivery standards in Agriculture/FS are shared, interpreting and explained to communities
  • Effectively represent of WVK in Agriculture/FS stakeholder meetings at county and sub-county levels.
  • Report on resource mobilization opportunities at county and sub-county level
  • Liaise appropriately with Harvest Plus and ADS to ensure successful implementation of the biofortification activities
  • Participation in National/World Food Days and Trade Fairs at county and sub-county level.
  • Provide information to inform fund raising initiatives at national level
  • Work with the Ministries of Agriculture and Water & Natural Resources for technical directions and leveraging of resources to support Agriculture/FS interventions in the AP/Project.
  • Facilitate community members to advocate on HHs food security issues to relevant stakeholders;
  • Work with Private sector, other NGOs, CBOs, FBOs, Committees and Groups with related objectives for synergy and sustainability and;
  • Support community, sub-county and county level forums that facilitate identification of hindrances to effective Agriculture/FS interventions
  • Work with community groups and other CSOs to develop Memorandum and/or petitions for engagement
  • Timely engagements and stakeholder contribution in LR
  • Advocacy for L&R financing and prioritization at all level
  • Improved profile for WVK work on livelihoods
  • Smooth engagement and coordination on biofortification activities with Harvest plus and DoALF and ADS
  • National LR related days commemorated
  • Linkages maintained with DoALF other support key stakeholders for effective ENRICH GROW service delivery i

Any other duties as assigned by the Supervisor 5%

Knowledge, Skills And Abilities
Minimum education, training and experience requirements to qualify for the position:

  • Minimum of a Bachelor Degree in Agriculture or related field from a recognized university
  • 3 years’ Demonstrated experience in integrating Food Security and Nutrition
  • Experience in implementing biofortification interventions is an added advantage
  • Experience in local level partnerships including Department of Agriculture, Livestock and Fisheries and Agricultural research institutions
  • Have practical agricultural extension knowledge with an emphasis on value chain development
  • Ability to ride a motor cycle (in possession of a valid and clean riding license)
  • Knowledge on environment and climate change, community disaster management, peace building and economic empowerment initiatives will be an added advantage

How To Apply

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