How Do I Become An Effective Certified Monitoring & Evaluation Expert?

How Do I Become An Effective Certified Monitoring & Evaluation Expert?

When John started working as a project coordinator, he always wanted to develop his monitoring and evaluation skills and become a certified Monitoring & Evaluation expert. Most of the senior roles he applied for required M&E.

One day, while conducting a mid-term review of an implementing partner working on an NGO programme, the outcomes didn’t match the stakeholders’ expectations. This made him opt for a monitoring and evaluation training course to become a certified M&E expert, where he obtained new skills and certifications that guided him.

Here are some of the tips that guided him:

1. Have the Required Qualifications

Having the required qualifications is valuable, as employers value professionals with technical know-how. To earn a certification as a specialist in M&E, you should build on your quantitative skills, e.g., data analysis, and understand the use of software, such as SPSS and STATA, as this will make the work easier.

2. Develop Local and International Networks

Building networks in the field connects you with industry experts who help you gain knowledge and advice. To become a certified Monitoring & evaluation expert, it is essential to learn from them how they made it in the field, understand their mistakes, and avoid them.

3. Volunteer to assist experienced evaluators

Young professionals intending to start a career in the M&E field face the problem of recruiters insisting that entry-level position applicants have at least 2-3 years of direct M&E experience, which chances are slim. To obtain certification as M&E professionals, they must volunteer to assist a more seasoned evaluator.

4. Sign up for M&E Courses

For John to become a certified Monitoring & Evaluation expert, he signed up for a course in monitoring and evaluation and gained knowledge on how to help monitor projects.

Consider pursuing certifications such as the Certified Monitoring and Evaluation Professional (CMEP) or Project Management Institute (PMI) certifications focusing on monitoring and evaluation. These credentials validate your expertise and enhance your credibility in the job market.

5. Adaptability and Continuous Learning

Embrace a mindset of adaptability and continuous learning. The field of M&E evolves rapidly with new methodologies, technologies, and best practices, and to achieve expertise in M&E  through certification, you should be updated and open to acquiring new skills as needed.

Just like John decided to sign up for an M&E course, you, too, should consider signing up for the Monitoring and Evaluation Certificate Course.