Apply by April 26
Apply by April 26


  • Accounts payable:
    • Timely posting of supplier invoices after checking for completeness, accuracy, and approvals as per policy.
    • Review reconciliations from accountants for goods and other services supplier ledger balances to supplier statements.
    • Review updated register for tracking movement of all the invoices received in the institute until paid and filed.
    • Ensure VAT exemption applications are made on time and submitted to suppliers.
    • Ensure outstanding supplier commitments are analysed and review withheld invoices report.
    • Ensure monthly report of all supplier payments is prepared and circulated.
    • Manage vendors list- Review supplier accounts; at the minimum, bi-annually and recommend de-activation of accounts that have been inactive for the last 6 months.
    • Ensure prepayments are reconciled and cleared on time.
  • Accounts receivable:
    • Ensure monthly aging schedules and reconciliations for all accounts are prepared and relevant recommendations implemented.
    • Ensure monthly allocation of accounts and adjustment journals are posted.
    • Follow up customers for payment of debts when they fall due.
    • Ensure provisions for bad debts are done as per policy.
  • Staff & consultants accounts:
    • Ensure staff and consultants accounts reflect correct position and monthly aging schedules are maintained for all accounts.
    • Ensure monthly allocation of staff and consultants accounts are passed.
    • Timely posting of staff TA’s, Travel Expenditure Report (TER’s) & project/workshop expenditure reports.
  • Payroll Management:
    • Process IRS, NRS, and Students payroll, payroll journals and all related schedules, reconcile payroll related control accounts, submit all statutory deductions, & compute pension. Compute terminal dues, process education and security allowances for IRS staff.
  • Financial reporting and audit:
    • Assist in preparation of financial statements and corresponding schedules.
    • Analyse financial data for accuracy, information, and determination of probable risks for the organization.
    • Ensure timely support of audit requests.

Staff Management:

  • Ensure a proper division and rotation of tasks within the unit and create an environment of learning and self-development.
  • Conduct periodic performance review for the staff in the unit and ensure the units performance review is conducted periodically.
  • Train the alternate position all aspects of this job to ensure continuity.


  • Record Keeping: Ensure an efficient and secure record keeping system is in place and complied with by all stakeholders.
  • Can be called upon to work on tasks relating to other units within finance.
  • Coach and train Accountants to improve their knowledge, efficiency, and services.
  • Replace Financial Controller occasionally when he/she is off duty.


  • Bachelor’s degree in Finance or Accounting or its equivalent.
  • Full accounting qualifications- CPA (K) or ACCA.
  • At least Seven years progressive practice in Accounting / Finance.
  • Experience in a supervisory position is a plus
  • Work experience at least in part in a non-profit or an international organization
  • Knowledge of computerized accounting software required
  • Good computer skills

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