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By Lilian Wamaitha
In an age where you will check your phone before you even get out of bed, social media has really taken over and it is only right that we all keep up with these trends.
What started as just a way of communicating has now turned out to be an avenue for job seekers as well as employers.
Gone are the days when job seekers would sit and wait to buy newspapers just to get a glimpse of who is hiring.
Today social sites like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn have taken over and most of the Kenyan employers rely on these sites to source for suitable candidates for various open positions.
As a job seeker therefore, you need to maximize on these networks as this could be the only thing standing between you and your dream job.
So how then can social media help you get a job?

How Social Media Can Help You Land A Job

1. Update your Linkedin profile or better stiill…create one
On a personal basis, LinkedIn has become one of my favorite social media channels. While I may not be a heavy social media user, I ensure that I log into LinkedIn every single day.
If you are job searching, trust me there is no better place to start than LinkedIn.
According to Carolyne Kariuki, a Client Manager at a leading HR firm in Nairobi, you can never go wrong with LinkedIn.
“As a recruiter, I have various positions that I have to fill every day and most of the time; some of these candidates will come from LinkedIn,” she says.
As you job search you need to familiarize yourself with it because it is used by majority of Kenyan employers to look for candidates. Majority of companies as well as Recruitment agencies have embraced social media, especially LinkedIn, as a means to locate candidates for positions they are looking to fill.
At LinkedIn, recruiters want to know who you have worked with, your track records, achievements and what you are capable of. It is sort of having your CV online where recruiters can find you without even you applying for a job directly.
For entry level job seekers, remember to connect with people by joining groups or organizations that are in line with your career.
If you are a seasoned job seeker with years of working experience, ensure your LinkedIn profile is well updated so that employers can recommend you for future roles.
If you already have a LinkedIn Account, put a professional photo and list your skills in a compelling summary showcasing what you are good at and what you can bring to a prospective company if given a chance.
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2. Follow companies you want to work for on Twitter
Another valuable social media tool that job seekers can use to their advantage is twitter. Twitter allows you to communicate with industry influencers by sending brief messages as well as following people who interest you.
If you already have a twitter account, the next thing to start doing is following people in your profession as well as companies you would like to work for. Interestingly, many companies tweet about vacant positions in their organizations first before releasing it to other platforms.
By following such companies, you get to be the first person to know about any open vacancies.
And when you are at twitter, don’t just tweet for the sake of it. Rather than following trending topics that are not related to your career, re-tweet valuable information about your industry.
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3. Use Facebook wisely
When used the right way, Facebook is a great tool for job seekers. Just like twitter and LinkedIn , Facebook can provide a good avenue of ensuring that you get connected to the right people in your industry.
For instance, if you are an Accounting professional looking for a job in the field, there are plenty of groups you can join and share with fellow job seekers.
Once you are there, participate positively in the groups and share opinions and ideas. Also, like and follow companies because most of them share their firsthand information via their social media sites.
Take away
Be extra careful about how you use the socia media Most employers will conduct a background check on their potential candidates. Using these social tools is a great way to boost your job search though. All the best!
Lilian is a Communication Officer at Career Point Kenya. If you have any career related queries, contact

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