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By Kibet Tobias
Is it a must to include a cover letter when I am applying for a job? If yes, how can I write a perfect one? Kindly, advice,” asks Carol through email.
A cover letter should always be sent with your CV. It is a one-page document that summarizes the details in your CV.
The goal of any cover letter is to explain to the recruiter that you’re the best candidate for the job and should be considered for an interview.
Therefore, when writing cover letters for any job, you’ll want to clearly define your key skills and experience to help differentiate you from the the masses.
So how do you write a catchy cover letter that will get you an interview?

Here Are Ways To Write A Compelling Cover Letter

1. Include appropriate salutation
Any cover letter should open with a salutation. However job applicants make a mistake of writing `To Whom It May Concern’. This sounds rude, right? You should address your cover letter to a specific person if indeed you are interested in the job.
Doing research will help you find out the most appropriate person to receive your letter. If you do not know the gender of your contact, you can write `Dear Sir/Madam’.
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2. Always match your qualifications with the job requirements
A compelling cover letter should show why you are the qualified candidate for the position you are applying for.
Take your time to match your qualifications to the requirements listed in the job posting.
You can use bullet points to briefly explain to the recruiter some of the achievements you accomplished in your previous position.
It is good to conclude your cover letter by thanking your potential employer for considering you for the position.
3. Proofread your cover letter
A good cover letter should be error-free. Remember it is the first thing that can best sell you to the employer. So make sure it’s perfect.
4. How to send cover letter
Depending on the employer’s needs, you may be asked to upload your application to the company’s website or to email your CV and cover letter through the provided email address.
Make sure you follow instructions!
Here Is A Sample Cover Letter For Graduate Trainee Accountant Job
Job Seeker,
6th March, 2018.
The Human Resource Manager,
ABC Company,
Dear Sir/ Madam
I am writing to express my interest in the position of accountant graduate trainee as advertised in STU newspaper. I recently graduated with a Bachelor of Commerce – Accounting and Finance from Kenyatta University and have a CPA 4 qualification.
I am particularly attracted to your firm because your graduate training programme will help me gain hands on experience in the banking industry. During my time as a student I have had part-time jobs and an internship, all of which have given me a chance to work as part of a team and meet deadlines.
Working at FGH company gave me a chance to inspire and motivate others while at the same time invest in my integrity and accountability skills.
In addition to my formal education, I grasp fresh concepts quickly and can easily adapt to new changes. My first-rate communication skills will assist me in building a professional network of clients and colleagues.
I have also learnt to give positive feedback, and to use it to set my own personal goals for self-improvement I welcome the challenge of working with you in a bid to build on my professional skills while upholding your dedication to exceptional customer service delivery.
I would appreciate an opportunity to discuss my interest further with you. You can reach me at 07XX 123456 if you need further information and clarification.
Job Seeker
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