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By Lilian Wamaitha
What is your major goal in life?
Is it not to live and achieve everything you have ever dreamt of?
While this is true, there comes a time when you will stop and reflect on whether you are really getting ahead in your life of just letting time pass by you.
We all had dreams of where we wanted our lives to be at this time? How many of those goals have you achieved. Are you working your dream job? Are you self-employed like you had said you would be 5 years ago?
While a little self-reflection is good and questioning where you are going keeps you on your toes, you should stop beating yourself up over things that you are yet to achieve.
Sometimes being stuck does not necessarily mean that you are falling behind in life. Your friends or colleagues may seem way ahead of you but you are still within your own timeline. Yes, you don’t have a family yet. Hell even, you haven’t found that one person that really suites you.
But comparing yourself to others only drains you of the energy you need to chase your dreams. And like I like saying, just because it hasn’t happened to you doesn’t mean that it will never happen.
Your time will come and when it’s done, you too will have everything you have always wished.
Just consider yourself going in the right decision if the following situations describe you;
1. You are still exploring and haven’t settled yet
I mean it could be that you haven’t even made up your mind whether you will be staying at that job for even two years or five years. Or that the reason you haven’t gotten married yet like your peers is because you are not really sure if your partner is the right one for you.
The main lesson here is that, it’s not wrong to explore. You don’t have to settle right now just because everyone around you is making major milestones. Someone just had a baby. A university classmate of yours just invited you to their wedding.
Don’t hurry to get to where they are if you are not sure yet because you will only be hurting yourself in the long run.
2. You are okay with failing because you know you will get so much more
As long as you live, never be afraid to take risks. If you fall down, get up, brush off the dust and keep moving. And while at it, I mean when you are back up, let that experience make your stronger not bitter.
The lessons that you learn from failure can never be equated with any success. Only a person who has failed knows what it means to succeed.
If you let yourself be scared of failing, I can assure you that you will never have the guts to leave your comfort zone.
Whenever you fear failing, just remember that the world is as it is today because someone somewhere decides to take a risk.
3. You daydream a lot of the time and are always inspired
Ever heard the saying that an empty can makes the most noise? Well if you find yourself zoning out once in a while lost in your own world of fantasies, there is nothing wrong with that.
This is actually a sign that you have a creative mind and that is how a successful future begins. You can go as far as your mind can go.
4. You don’t work for money but attach meaning to work
You might be stuck in a job that does not pay as well as other professions. But it is what drives you and motivates you to wake up every day. People around you possibly don’t even understand why you are still working there.
Money is a necessity but the happiness that it gives you is temporary. It’s like buying a phone that you have been excited about all year long and after a month of using it, it becomes just another ordinary thing, there is no meaning.
So in as much as money is important, find a job that you can find meaning in.
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5. You haven’t met someone that suits you but you are not ready to compromise
I have seen this happen all round me with my friends and even some of my relatives where you settle just because everyone expects you to have been married or have someone by now.
This is why people tolerate abusive relationships because they don’t want to be seen as something else.
Quit caring about what other people think about you and live your own life.
It’s better to be alone that with the wrong person. That sadness that you are feeling right now is nothing compared to the pain you will feel if you are with the wrong person.
It you are not settling because you haven’t met the right person yet, it just means that you value yourself and are invested in your happiness. And to find the right person you need to love yourself first.
That person will not make you complete; it takes two to make that happen.
6. You chase your passions even when success is not a guarantee
I have read so many stories of people on their death beds whose only regret in life is not going after what they love. Don’t let this be your end point.
You have to chase your passion even when success seems like a far-fetched dream. There are no guarantees in life and every day we live hoping that tomorrow will be a better day. Worry about today and let that take care of your tomorrow.
Success is only a good feeling if you achieve it doing what you love.
What it all comes down to is
It may not happen in a day, six months or even a year. But just because you are not where you wanted to be doesn’t mean that you never will. Run your won race and know that success just like those around you found theirs, yours is on its way.
Lilian is a Communication Officer at Career Point Kenya and has a passion of improving other people’s lives through everyday inspiration. Leave a comment below if you agree with this article.