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By Michelle Wanjiku
Soft skills are very important when it comes to getting any job. More and more employers are looking to hire people who not only have the educational requirements but also possess the necessary skills to get the job done.
So what are these skills that employers are looking for in who they hire?
1. Problem-solving and logical thinking skills:
Every employer wants to have an employee who uses logical thinking and can easily solve any problems that may arise.
No one wants to hire someone who won’t be able to come up with solutions. This means that if you want to get hired for a position you need to showcase this skill during the interview. Give an example of a time you were able to use your problem-solving skills to ensure everything in the organization ran smoothly.
2. Interpersonal and communication skills
No matter what industry you are working in, you will be required to associate with others, this means that having good communication skills is a must.
Employers are looking for people who can communicate effectively which will help ensure the growth of the company.  If there is a breakdown in communication in an organization, then productivity stops and the company will suffer.
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A great way to show that you possess communication skills in an interview is to have confidence in what you are saying and answer questions in a manner that is understood.
If you cannot express yourself well during the interview chances of you getting the job are very slim.
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3. Self-motivation skills
An employer doesn’t want to keep micromanaging employees. Therefore, they are looking to hire someone who doesn’t need supervision all the time.
A self-motivated person will work hard without being told and will ultimately ensure the growth of the organization.
Therefore you need to show some drive and initiative if you are to get the position.
4. Managing work pressure
It doesn’t matter what your job entails, at a certain point you will be under pressure to deliver. A good employee works well under pressure and won’t compromise on the quality of work they do.
This is a very critical skill that employers look for in anyone they want to hire. They don’t want to hire someone who cannot handle work pressure because it is something that they have to deal with.
To show that you possess this skill, you can during your interview, give an example of a situation where you were under pressure but managed to work through it and produce good results.
5. Team working
You will always have to work in with a team of people from different departments or areas. This is why most employers put emphasis on how well you can work with others.
For the success of an organization, interdepartmental collaboration is very important, no one can make it on their own, which is why companies want to hire people who can work well with others.
You can give examples where you had to work with people to achieve certain goals and how well it went to show that you possess this skill and better your chances of getting the job.
6. Ability to learn and adapt
You can never stop learning; your job should constantly teach you things that improve your career. An employee being willing to learn and grow not only benefits them but the organization as well.
By learning, you continue to grow and this is why most companies are looking to hire people who are constantly looking for new learning opportunities because it means they will become better and help improve the organization.
They also want to hire someone who can easily adapt to any changes that may come and ensure that productivity does not suffer because of changes.
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In Conclusion,
You need to show employers that you possess these set of skills if you want to get a job. You can do this by showing it in your CV as well as during the interview. Come up with case scenarios that show you putting these skills to use, this will have greater impact as opposed to just stating them.
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