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As a job seeker, you stand no chance of making it to the interview shortlist if your CV is the type that annoys recruiters any time you apply for a job.
Muthoni Ndegwa, a top recruitment manager at Corporate Staffing Services says that she can hardly have a second look at a CV that contains mistakes.
What do you think you have been doing wrong while coming up with your CV? In this article, I address the common mistakes on your CV that annoy recruiters.
These are the mistakes you ought to do something about if you really want to get shortlisted for interviews.
1. You keep lying
Lying on your CV is a big mistake you can never afford to make. It completely tarnishes your image as a job candidate the moment the truth comes out.
The common CV sections in which job seekers lie most are their work experience and the referee sections.
There are job seekers who have lied about sales targets met but are usually unable to prove it come the actual interview session.
Others lie about companies they have worked for, which when consulted, can’t remember such person working for them.
Whatever you do, the truth will always come out. You may be lucky to pass the interview and get the offer but maybe y0u won’t even work for long before you are discovered and that’s another case of integrity you don’t want to face.
2. Career gaps that are unaccounted for
Career gaps on your CV also annoy recruiters. It is usually worse when you do not give a brief explanation on your CV to account for the time spent outside employment.
Few employers wants to hire a person who makes a technical appearances into employment and then vanishes without a satisfactory account.
To fill career gaps on your CV, talk about the part time jobs you have done while you were out of regular employment.
“You may not know it but talking about a course you resumed when you are not employed is also good filler on your CV,” says Ms Rebeccca Nyawira, a professional CV writer.
3. Unprofessional email address
You really annoy recruiters if you are the kind of person who still retains the fancy email address you composed several years ago when you were still in school.
Your CV should be as professional as possible. Just have something like
Recruiters are annoyed by fancy and unprofessional email addresses such as, etc. They show lack of seriousness and maturity.
4. Inadequate information under work experience
As I earlier pointed out, most recruiters would only scan through your CV to settle at your work experience as they look for candidates with required experience.
On the work experience section, the recruiter is always out to see the full names of the companies you have worked for before, the period you stayed at each specific company, and most importantly a detailed description of your duties and responsibilities at each particular past role
If there is any section of your CV that you should allocate more space therefore, it is the work experience section.
Use bulleted points to give detailed description of how your days looked like in your previous job as well as achievements you made.
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5. Contact details that are no longer useful
They leave the recruiter with no option but to just let you go. What do you expect recruiters to do when you give a phone number that does not go through or an email address which you can’t access?
In as much as you may be the best candidate owing to your qualifications and experience, the recruiter can’t perform miracles to get you to attending the job interview.
It therefore calls on you to check and confirm the contacts you want the recruiter to get back to you on. Give a correct telephone number and an email address you usually frequent whenever you get any internet access.
It is also important to give an updated list of referees so that you do not give contacts that your referees do not use at all.
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The writer is a Communication Officer at Corporate Staffing Services. For enquiries, write a short email to and I will get back to you.