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By Lilian Wamaitha
Do you go to work every day but deep down wish you had your own business?
I am one of those people who have a job but can’t help that think I would be so much happier if I was just working for myself.
Mostly likely that is exactly what you want but have not been able to take that reap of faith a start a business. Maybe you are afraid of the responsibilities; don’t want to takes such a risk since you have fallen so deep into a comfort zone that you don’t want to imagine the uncertainties of not having a salary to fall back to at the end of the month.
A lot of us are where we are in life today because we are afraid of saying “Enough of enough. Its time I looked out for myself.”
It’s a sad reality but that is the world we are living in. If you have been juggling with starting a business for so long, let this story act as an inspiration to do more and take charge of your life.
Meet Sammy Macharia
When I read the story of Sammy Macharia, daring and a go-getter is what came to my mind. At 31, Sammy decided to take a leap of faith, quit his job to run his own business. He is the founder of Soroti Auto Spares.
He previously worked for an insurance company as an agent but realized that he could be more than that.
In his capacity, he had worked closely with mechanics, especially when the client’s vehicles had been involved in road accidents. The insurance company would work hand in hand with the garage that the client chose to ensure that their vehicles were fixed.
Due to this exposure, Sammy was able to learn the ins and outs of operating a car garage and figured he could get way ahead in life if he opened one and did the fixing himself.
“After watching the company oversee vehicles being fixed when I was employed as an insurance agent I fell in love with the art of fixing a car and decided I should open a garage where I fix damaged vehicles among other services such as spray painting, panel beating, normal vehicle servicing among other things,” says Sammy.
Having worked at the insurance company paid off since most of his clients were people he had served while on the job. The rest of his clients come through referrals which has also turned out to be his most effective way of marketing.
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“Most of my clients are people who have been referred to us by our other clients, meaning you have to do a good job and it will speak for itself.”
Through the garage business, Sammy has not only been able to sustain himself but has also employed 16 people to help him run it.
No job is too little…
When asked, he urges young people to embrace the blue collar job industry since the white collar ones are so flooded. To him no job is beneath anyone and any job can make you a millionaire.
At the end of the day whether you are working at an office or pushing a mkokoteni, all that matters is if you are able to sustain yourself.
Like he says, you have to create your own opportunities instead of waiting and crying out to the government for help you when you control your own fate.
He adds that even as a mechanic he has met people who have inspired him and given him a new perspective in life which helps him to push on and want to get better with each passing day.
Source: Kuza Biashara
Lilian is a Communication Officer at Career Point Kenya. What is your take ion what Sammy is doing? Would you quit your job for a blue collar one? Share your opinion below.