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By Lilian Wamaitha
You have seen a job and deep down know that you are the perfect fit but you haven’t updated your CV in a long time yet the deadline is in a few days.
While updating your CV may be the last thing on your mind, whether you get that job or not depends on the quality of your application.
At the end of the day, an employer is not just looking for a CV and a cover letter. They are looking for someone who has the experience and skills for the job at hand and you can only prove that if you update you CV.
And updating your CV doesn’t have to take you all day or weeks.
In only 30 minutes or less, here are ways you can update your CV to start getting interviews.
1. Update your career objective
Your personal statement or career objective is a one paragraph statement that draws attention to the things that you want a potential employer to notice most about you.
If you have not applied for jobs for a long time and have gained other skills along the way, this is the first section that you should update.
Consider taking your time to getting it right as it sets the tone for the entire CV.
Try and include a few verifiable examples from your career and demonstrate the value and expertise that you are bringing with you.
2. Refresh your work experience
To have a great CV, you don’t need to include every position that you have ever held.
If you have a lot of experience especially, consider doing away with positions that don’t add value to your candidacy.
By fine-tuning your experience to the most relevant you will give yourself enough space to include the achievements from your previous positions.
3. Update your CV format
Here is the truth; the way your CV is formatted has huge impact on whether or not you succeed in your job search.
A too complicated format shows that you are trying too hard while one that is not done well portrays you as careless and ignorant.
There are no set rules about how to format your CV but it makes a whole difference if you pay attention to what you want the employer to see first.
Avoid cluttering your CV with a lot of unnecessary information but rather include the most relevant and start with the most important.
If you are a recent graduate, you have not much in terms of experience and so in this case you can emphasize on your education qualifications instead.
4. Include relevant industry keywords
There is nothing the sells your candidacy on your CV than demonstrating your knowledge for the industry.
You can do this by adding relevant key words related to that industry.
However, avoid going overboard with this but just add a few words here and there to show the hiring manager that you have a grasp of what you are talking about.
Most employers will skim through a CV in a few seconds and so including the right phrases will grab their attention.
5. Keep the focus on your current job
Hiring managers in Kenya will be interested in knowing where you are currently working and the position you hold, so take your time to explain this in your CV.
Include any accomplishments you have made so far and try to tie them to the job you are applying for.
If you are just out of college, do the same with any attachments, internships or volunteer work you have done or include any achievements you made in your college years.
With this in mind
When you are applying for any job, rarely do you know the employer or hiring manager hence why you should pay more attention to your CV.
It is the gateway to you getting that job and you should be doing everything you can to position yourself as the best candidate.
And you can only do that if you update it every now and then especially when you are applying for a job.
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