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Have you ever wondered why you cannot seem to find good employees out of the thousands that graduate each year? 
What are other business owners and managers offering to attract highly competent employees?
On Wednesday, 14th November 2018, Corporate Staffing Services facilitated a HR Breakfast Forum for Business Owners and HR Managers in Nairobi.
The topic for the forum was: How To Hire And Develop Highly Effective Staff and the main speaker was Perminus Wainaina, Managing Partner, Corporate Staffing Services.
The forum brought together business owners and managers from different industries such as Health, Banking and Finance, NGO, Tourism, IT, Energy and FMCG to mention a few.
The main issues addressed were;                         

  1. The best way to attract and retain high performing employees who will help realize the business goals
  2. How employers can increase employees’ productivity and improve the business’ financial performance
  3. How to tie organizational goals with employees’ daily performance
  4. How to handle millennials in the workplace
  5. The role of training and development in employees’ performance and reaching organizational goals

Tara, a Manager, said, “I have been frustrated with employees who have so much potential. They get comfortable doing just what is expected of them-never going the extra mile. I have learnt today that they need to feel involved in different aspects of the business especially where they are directly affected. This will help tie their personal goals with that of the organization.”
“My employees always leave. I had never understood why until today. I will invest in hiring right and training in skills that are needed in my business to do away with the high turnover”, said John, a Business Owner.
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