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You may have found yourself in a situation where starting a business seems like a good idea. It could have been that side-hustle you want to fully rely on, or just an idea that stuck and you think it could get you a few coins. However, before investing a lot of time and money on a business you may not be sure of, it is good to have a solid business idea. Once you feel confident that you have a good idea, you can move on to the next phase of launching your business.
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Fail your way to the top
For one to succeed, they must have gone through failure. You will fall quite a few times before you get a great working idea.
June Swoiya, CEO Beiless Group, initially wanted to do mobile advertising on public service vehicles. It was a great idea with only one company doing it already. However, 51 unanswered emails later and countless cold calls and pitches she resigned. Settling into a slump and feeling like she had failed, it took a motivational podcast to bounce back to the core of her purpose and back to her passion. She attended a digital marketing master class, rebranded and gave us what we now know as Beiless Group Ltd, a leading digital agency.
Build on a side gig you started in school
In campus you could have been writing, deejaying or anything else that brought you a little cash on the side.
Instead of joining the throngs of young people tarmacking for white-collar jobs after finishing your studies, it will pay off to push your side hustle to a full-time career.
Douglas Opiyo, the founder of Vanguard Solutions did online writing jobs and research work while studying Biotechnology at Moi University. On graduating in 2013, he registered his company that helps companies and individuals use modern technology to increase efficiency in businesses.
Look back to the good old days
Sometimes, your business idea has already been explored but failed.
21-year-old Chumba Kipsanai, founder of Dark Green, an events company specializing in outdoor hosting, yearned to relive the experience of going out with her family to drive-in theatres. She started Dark Green with a unique business model, that of making the movies classical. In 2016, she pulled off her first event, making a loss of Ksh50,000. Her second event however left her with a profit of Sh60,000.
Turn your day job into a business
Take existing ideas that are working in other locations, and tailor them to your area.
Eric Mwiti, founder of Eyedead Digital, started out as Safaricom’s online support executive and has quite a reputation for his quirky remarks on Safaricom’s Facebook and Twitter pages. His company, which runs social media platforms for a range of companies and businesses, is a year old now, recording a turnover in excess of Sh1 million monthly.
Start with something you can do on the side
After your typical 9 to 5 job, what can you offer afterward?
Home_254’s founder, John Brian Jura, knows this too well. His fashion idea was born in the thick of a grueling engineering course. Three years later, it has curved itself a nice little spot in the design industry, both locally and abroad. He started out with Sh4,500, which was supposed to be his rent. He used the money to buy sweatshirts and T-shirts and then hired a heat-press vinyl to print the Home_254 logo. After a rocky start, the business picked up to cash in Ksh20,000 weekly and even up to Ksh50,000.
Become a problem detective
This is one of the best. You already know the problem, and are therefore finding a solution to the problem at hand.
Look at problems you have in your personal life, at work and personal goals you’re having trouble reaching and how you might make them easier to achieve. An added benefit of finding a personal problem is that you can try out potential solutions yourself quickly.
Maureen Ngesa, founder of Abacus School, could not find an education system she believed in near her home in Athi River. She thus decided to homeschool her children. She believed the system was flawed because education was geared towards academics completely ignoring character building. She uses an educational system called ACE, Accelerated Christian Education, whose base is Christian principles. The curriculum is unique especially because children are helped to set goals and set their own pace, thus teaching them life lessons. She went from teaching her children to a couple of other neighborhood kids.
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In summary…
Business is always a good thing. However, finding the right business that will ensure you succeed, is usually the biggest hurdle. Incorporate these tips that could potentially see you at the top of your business.
Source: The Daily Nation