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By Lisa Osiako

A curriculum vitae has quite a lot of components, one of which includes your achievements. It is your achievements that actually offer a potential employer insight into your accomplishments, and further justify your proficiency.

How you capture your achievements could be what determines whether you get a specific job or not.

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This is therefore how you can structure your CV to ensure that it will be able to persuade your potential employer to hire you:

1. Your achievements must be relevant to the role you are applying for

The accomplishments related to that profession are what matter the most. Leave out other unrelated accomplishments you may have because they are irrelevant.

2. Highlight your most significant achievements and clarify them

The rule on this is to always start with the most remarkable ones, and end with the less significant ones. The main aim here is to bring out your best capabilities. Always keep in mind that potential employers have very little time to go through a CV and will, therefore, go to the first few points.

3. Always start with your most recent accomplishments

Your most recent accomplishments are what count. A potential employer will thus be more interested in what you achieved a month ago, as opposed to what you achieved a year ago. This is because your success a year or two ago may not fit into the current context in the ever-changing professional world.  A recent accomplishment thus signifies growth and ability to adapt to the current trends in your occupation.

4. Where you place your achievements in your CV is important

Achievements should come under the ‘experience’ section. Instead of listing your responsibilities in the capacities served, add your polished skills and tangible achievements.

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5. Numbers are more emphatic than plain words

Vague statements should be avoided by all means. If in a position to expound on the numbers especially when talking about growth, try and give more detail.

6. Brag about your professional achievements

Do not try and cover up your achievements in a modest way. What you have attained in your career is your selling point. Show them off, as long as you can back up your claims with facts.

7. Avoid cliché to avoid looking like everyone else applying for the job

Many job applications get to a potential employer. By including clichés in your CV, what you are communicating to your employer is that you have nothing different to offer. Therefore, have an edge in your list of achievements.

8. Pairing accomplishments with your range of skills is a sure way to catch the attention of the hiring manager

Achievements come as a result of hard work and dedication, based on your talents. Matching achievements with your skills helps to rubberstamp your key strengths.

9. When accomplishments are due to teamwork, indicate that

Do not take credit for all accomplishments you achieved, especially the ones you did as a team. Mention your team’s accomplishment and what role you played.

10. The listed accomplishments must be career-defining

How you write your accomplishments should bring out the career experiences you have had. They should create a clear picture of yourself. Therefore, someone should be able to visualize you growing the business and contributing to change within the organization.

In the end, your potential employer is looking for someone who can deliver results and drive their commercial interests. Scrutinize what achievements you have made to better decide if you are suitable for the said role. See your hiring manager as the buyer and you like the product. Give them a compelling reason to buy you.