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The days when getting a job just because you have a Degree are long gone; having the educational qualifications is not enough to help you land a job.

This comes from the fact that employers feel that graduates enter the job market half-baked and don’t have the necessary skills to perform at work.

Which is why most employers nowadays, require proof that you have the skills needed to succeed at the job.

If you want to get a job in, then you need to improve your skills, and this is where short training courses come in.

Various organizations offer short practical skills training in different industries that will help boost your employability.

Here are some examples of short training courses you can take

1. Practical sales skills training

Companies don’t want to hire salespeople that they have to train, which is why if you can prove that you have the practical skills a salesperson needs then your chances of getting a job are higher than someone else who is not skilled and only has educational experience.

Some employers would even hire someone who doesn’t have an educational background in sales but can show that they have practical sales skills over someone who has just educational background.

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2. CISCO, CCNA and other IT related training

IT is among one of the most marketable courses to pursue in Kenya today. This is because of the growth of the digital era and the need for more IT professionals.

However, a degree or diploma in ICT is not enough; one needs to take certain short courses in order to be valuable in the industry. The short courses an IT professional takes will depend on what path they plan on taking in their career.

Imagine you are applying for a job with these additional certifications and someone else applying for the same job with just their diploma or degree, you most likely have a better chance of getting the job because you have something more to offer.

3. Practical accounting skills training

In order to stand out as an accounting professional, you will need to show an employer that you have practical knowledge of accounting duties. Showing that you are skilled QuickBooks, filing taxes, and many more will give you an advantage over someone else who doesn’t have proof of knowledge of the same.

4. Advanced Excel training

In today’s job market, employers are looking for candidates with strong organizational and analytical skills. If you know your way around Excel, employers will see you as a valuable addition to the team.

If you are applying to startup and SMEs, having advanced Excel skills will show you can work in different departments of the company, a skill that’s highly valued.

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5. Certificate in Human Resource Management Information Systems (HRMIS)

This is a certification that provides you with the knowledge to handle software for the data entry, data tracking, and data information needs of the HR department, payroll, management, and accounting functions within a business.

As an HR professional, showing employers that you have this knowledge will greatly improve your chances of getting the job because more and more organizations have started using this software.

The course takes two weeks at the College of Human Resource Management.


There are various training courses you can take that will boost your CV and improve your chances of getting a job. There are even some like the sales training that is free.

Employers are looking to hire employees who have the practical skills to do the job they are being hired to do.

No company wants to spend time and money training an employee when they can hire someone who already has the required skills.

This means that as a job seeker you need to look into short courses that are catered to your field of work as well as those that focus on soft skills that are needed by most employers.