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“If career growth knocked on your door today, what would it look like.” Mr. Perminus Wainaina speaking during the just concluded HR week at CIC Insurance

Corporate Staffing Services just concluded a 3-day training at CIC Insurance whose main goal was to equip professionals with the tools they needed to take charge of their careers.

The lead trainer, Mr. Perminus Wainaina, the CEO and Managing Partner at Corporate Staffing provided indispensable advice to the staff on how they could leverage their skill-set, strengths and networks to scale their careers to greater heights.

In today’s workplace, there is no defined career trajectory.

Long gone are the days when companies were responsible for an employee’s career growth.

Career advancement is no longer served on a platter by way of promotions, pay rise and training simply because one is an existing employee.

To move from an existing employee to a thriving employee, the formula is for you to personally take total ownership and control of your future.

This subject matter was the basis for the training at CIC which was designed to help employees to move from the passenger seat to the driver’s seat when it came to propelling their own careers.

Gain specialized technical skill training not a master’s degree.

“99% of employees do not care about your master’s degree, they only care about your ability to do the job and do it well. A master’s degree is not proof of your ability to get the job done. Your technical know-how and experience are the only things that demonstrate your ability to get a job done not a piece of ‘advanced’ paper.” Mr. Wainaina

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