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Job searching can be daunting and the phrase, “Looking for a job is a full-time job,” can leave you feeling overwhelmed, underqualified and exhausted before you even start looking.

It is a process where, as a job seeker, you need to juggle things like impression formation and management, uncertainty, information seeking and interpersonal communication.

In a world where we rely on digital channels such as application portals, emails, and phone calls, it’s nearly impossible to know if your message was received by the employer.

If you have been struggling with trying to find a new job, here are reasons why it is not working, and how to turn things around.

1. You have unrealistic expectations

Many professionals begin a job search after losing a job. They are already in a hurry to find something new, which can lead to one of the biggest unrealistic expectations: duration of the job search. For many, it takes longer than they originally anticipated to get a new job.

A good trick is to expect that it will take at least one month of searching, or as long as one year, to really secure your dream job.

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Another big expectation you may have is with communication. Job seekers tend to expect and desire feedback and updates throughout their job search. While many organizations have application trackers to alert you if/when your application is viewed and whether or not you’re still in the running, there are far more that fail to update applicants.

Many organizations do not even review applications until after the opportunity closes, so do not expect an immediate response or view of your application. Try to be patient and follow-up after a reasonable amount of time, when appropriate.

Lastly, forget the phrase that “no news is good news” because, in job searching, no news can likely mean you’re not the right fit. Set a reasonable expectation that you will not hear back from everyone and that many organizations will not send a polite email letting you know that you’re not right. Try to assume that hearing nothing means you’re out so that if/when you hear otherwise, you’re pleasantly surprised rather than sad and feeling rejected.

2. You’re not selling yourself enough

Ms Rebecca Nyawira, a CV Writing expert at Corporate Staffing Services, says that the feedback she constantly gives to job seekers while going through their CVs is that they need to be more specific about the impact of their work. This is because employers look at many CVs and cover letters and only select what stands out.

Seek to demonstrate your expertise with a specific program and communicate how much of your role is dedicated to the job you are looking for. Look at your CV and quantify, elaborate upon, and share the results of everything you possibly can to showcase that you know how to work hard and make an impact.

Don’t forget about your online presence either. While the CV and cover letter are great opportunities for you to sell yourself, they aren’t the only opportunities. Many employers use LinkedIn to learn information about you that goes beyond what’s available on your CV such as connections, personal interests, recommendations, and other achievements. Keep this in mind when updating your profile, and make sure your profile is public so that interested parties can easily find you.

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3. You are not networking

Just as your wealth is in your network, your next job is in your network. As not every job opportunity is advertised, how do you find them?

A successful job search is directly related to both the behaviors of the job seeker and the amount of effort put forth.

As you look at available job opportunities on the internet, remember to spend more time talking to people.

Ultimately, these are the people that build you up and want to tell everyone they know that you’re looking for a job, hoping to connect you with the best opportunity.


Looking for a job doesn’t end when you decide to enlist a professional CV writer or service to rebrand your professional presence. Pay close attention to these details and you’ll be on your way to a dream career.

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