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From putting up a shelf to gluing homemade greetings cards or crafting decorations for an event, we have all had a try at doing things on our own – perhaps to save on cost.

And while at it, you may have experienced fails too!

When it comes to your CV however, doing it on your own is a huge risk. Your CV fail could mean that you miss out on your dream job and even get overlooked for opportunities are a perfect fit.

These high stakes are what make it important to bring in the expert resources you can trust, like a professional CV writer.

Here are some common “do-it-yourself” CV fails that could be costing you the interview – and ultimately, the job:

1. You aren’t showcasing your achievements

With the job market being so competitive, it’s important to set yourself apart from other applicants and show how you’ve contributed to your organization in a quantifiable way.

A professional CV writer will be able to draw out your achievements and successes and present them in a manner that makes it easy for an employer to see the value you can add to the organization.

By considering where you’ve saved, improved, won and delivered, you’ll be gaining an advantage over the competition and proving that you have the skills and abilities needed.

Working with a professional to think about your achievements and successes in this way also prepares you for an interview.

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2. You’ve made basic mistakes

Spelling and grammar, says Ms Caroline Kariuki, a senior recruitment manager at Corporate Staffing Services, will send your CV to the ‘no’ pile.

While you may have corrected grammatical and spelling errors on your CV, , there is more that you may not be aware of.

For example, maybe you’ve included your date of birth or nationality or a photo of yourself. These, are details that are not needed on your CV – something you may not know.

You could also be missing details, such as dates, contact information and a professional profile. All these go to show that you are not selling yourself as well as you should be.

A CV-writing expert will be up to date with all of these current CV requirements and more – thereby giving it a more professional touch. They’ll take out the unnecessary information and add in any missing details, giving a rounded impression of what you can offer.

3. You haven’t optimized your CV for the ATS

If your CV isn’t optimized for an applicant tracking system (ATS), it may never reach the eyes of an employer. ATS software will utilize keywords to sift out unsuitable candidates and select only the most appropriate CVs for progression.

The ever-increasing popularity of the ATS, therefore, means that you can’t afford to overlook this area. Professional CV writers have a sound understanding of ATS requirements and will ensure that your CV is correctly formatted and contains the right keywords to help you through this stage.

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In Conclusion,

It’s been proven that a professionally written CV makes you at least 20% more likely to land a job. Get professional help today and become closer to securing your dream job.