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Accounting jobs in Kenya are the most sought-after jobs. Saturated or not accounting professionals bring great value to a company/organisation.

Accountants can work in the public or private sector, or even at an individual level, doing anything from auditing and filing taxes to budgeting and financial planning.

So how do you stand out in your accounting career? Look at these 4 necessary skills to set the ball rolling;

1. Excellent Computer Skills

In this digital age, accounting has been made simpler through the use of accounting softwares such as Quickbooks. Most accounting processes nowadays are done using a computer.  If you want to stand out in your career, you need to stop being analog accountant and become a digital one!

2. Strong Organisation Skills

An accountant must keep up with all the data, figures, and paperwork on a daily basis. This information is ever changing. To be good at your job, you ought to keep up with all this information. Additionally, you should organize it in a manner you can later refer to.

3. Mathematical Proficiency

You must know you way around numbers, there is no other way.  This makes your work move faster and facilitate accuracy in every process you undertake.

4. Detail Oriented

In accounting, your attention to detail will help you succeed. Not only are you expected to be attentive and detailed in your work, but an employer also expects you to see an error from afar. Any small error can be detrimental to your job and the operations of the company.

5. Technical Accounting Skills

There are some skills that you may not learn in school but once you enter the job market your employer will expect you to have them. Some include filing taxes or use of accounting softwares. To place yourself at an advantage get a practical accounting training to help you advance your career.

Maintain these skills in your checklist to ensure that you stay relevant in the job market.

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