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The year is just about to end. Have you earned enough CPD points for your HR membership renewal?

Whether you are looking to earn enough CPD points for your renewal or you want to learn practical HR skills that you can apply, we have three trainings for you scheduled on 27th, 28th and 29th November.

We have the following training for you before year-end.

  1. Building A High-Performance Culture. How to set a performance management system. Learn how to set KPI’s, performance appraisal etc.  Wednesday. 27th November 2019 (2 CPD Points)
  2. Introduction To HR Consultancy. How To Become A HR consultant. Learn the skills, tools and frameworks that HR professionals require to operate as internal or external consultants. This is a must-attend course for those who want to practise as consultants – 28th November 2019 (2 CPD Points)
  3. From HR To C.E.O. How To Become The HR Business Partner. This training will equip you with the necessary skills on how to understand the business model, how to use data for decision making, how to connect with leadership and influence decision-making process. You will also gain key soft skills that will enable you to make and champion changes in your organization as well as navigate office and leadership politics. Friday – 29th November 2019 (2 CPD Points)

Learning Approach

The trainings will entail case studies, role playing, presentation and discussions and an opportunity to interact and network with fellow HR professionals.

Click here for more information on the training.