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Are you an accountant tired of applying for jobs unsuccessfully? High chances are you lack the practical skills required.

This practical accounting training should change that. Employers look for indispensable accountants with practical skills that will add value to their company.

Degrees and diplomas are no longer enough to get you a job. Employers want practical skills because if we are being practical, a certificate with no skills to show for is as good as nothing.

Attending this training has its advantages. Besides acquiring practical accounting skills, you will also learn other aspects of accounting.

  1. Lessons on how to make your job search successful

Not only will you learn practical accounting skills but also have our trainer take you through what you should do to make your job hunting successful as an accountant. They will also take you through answering tough interview questions so that you don’t have to panic anymore.

  1. Quickbooks

In this class, you will be taught how to use the latest version of QuickBooks, a software that is used the most in many Kenyan accounting departments. The skills will increase your marketability in the job market.

  1. Filling Statutory Returns

You will learn how to file your taxes on I-Tax that is, VAT, PAYE, end years accounts and others. This will be both helpful at your workplace and for your personal finance.

  1. CV Writing Service.

Our program will teach you how to write a CV that will enable you to get that job you have been eying for. We have experts that offer CV writing services.

  1. Certification

At the end of the training, you will get a certificate that you can present to employers with your other certificates.


Our past students have been able to secure accounting jobs in various institutions in Kenya.

You know why?

Because this accounting training enabled them to bridge that gap between what was taught in class and doing the work.

I don’t see why you shouldn’t be enrolling right now. You can also refer someone who wants to shift to the accounting field for this class. This will be a great way for them to kickstart their accounting knowledge.

It is time to stop complaining about being jobless and start doing something about it. Ass value to your skills by joining this practical accounting job training and career mentorship program.

To book your slot, email our training coordinator Jane through or call her at 0768 669 016.

Hope to see you in class!