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Project Management is currently one of the fastest growing fields in many industries in Kenya. Companies are attempting to get more efficient in their day to day tasks.

That’s exactly what Project Managers do, they oversee projects to ensure they are done as quickly and cost-effectively as possible.

Experienced professionals in the project management field use training from certifications such as this one to ensure that projects are done well.

For these reasons, getting project management skills is a strategic way you can become indispensable at any company.

Why you should consider entering this field

You’ll always be able to point to your value 

In any job, you should always aim to create value. However, it can be hard to track your achievements.

However, as a project manager your key performance metrics are easily measurable by numbers.

When you’re able to increase the efficiency of your company’s workflows, it will result in higher profits and your value will be obvious to your employers.

You’ll understand how to foster team engagement and build relationships. 

Project managers are the only people who communicate with every single person on their team.

Whether it’s the marketing team or your team of engineers you’ll learn how to manage what every individual is supposed to deliver.

With project management, you’ll need to understand what every team member as well.

This will foster great collaboration and people skills, something that is very valuable in today’s job market.

You’ll never gain a better understanding of problem-solving elsewhere.

You’ll develop a keen eye for where challenges are in any business situation, and master the art of fixing them.

You will also be able to meet unforeseen challenges, and adapt quickly when the market changes because it always will.

A career in project management will help you develop a sixth sense for anticipating and preventing risks.

You’ll be assured of a durable and lasting career

The great part about a career in project management is that almost every industry sector worldwide needs project managers with various specializations, making it a good career choice.

Companies in the healthcare, technology, engineering, construction, real estate, financial, marketing, insurance, government and many more need and seek good project managers.

You’ll be compensated well for your time

Excellent project management skills will you make you a key part of any organization. This will eventually translate into a well paying job.

This is because of the many responsibilities that project managers have.

This will give project management jobseekers the edge where salary and earning potential are concerned.

How to build your skills,

A well-regarded project management certification has been proven to give those looking to get into the business the upper hand. That is why Corporate Staffing Services is running a Project Management training from Monday 10th February. You can join this class by emailing our training coordinator, Lucy, at Looking forward to hearing from you!