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Project management qualifications are key to professional progression in many industries.

No matter your career role or the stage of your career, it’s certain that project management certifications are highly sought after in the private sector.

This will in turn help you stand out in today’s very competitive job market.

Five Powerful Ways Project Management Training Will Boost Your Career

1. It will move you from being an experienced employee to a manager

What makes for a good manager? Isn’t it skills such as understanding scheduling, budgeting and how to monitor and control.

Managing stakeholders and assigning resources are also key roles for managers.

These are all skills that can be acquired by taking a project management certification.

Many professionals are usually well-qualified and experienced in their specific industries but they don’t know how to organize a project.

Without project management skills, a certain level of seniority is difficult to get beyond.

2. You will learn how to measure performance results

If you are in the technical field, a project management certification will help you up level project design and implementation.

You’ll learn how to confidently develop project success criteria and methods to clearly demonstrate a project’s success.

3. You will gain competitive skills

Ever heard of people management? It is one of the most sought after skills in the corporate world today. It involves dealing with clients, staff management as well as engaging with stakeholders.

These are skills that are taught and developed through project management training. They will prove helpful not just at a managerial level but even as a supervisor of one team member.

While most Kenyans might think that the skills employers want the most are technical skills, soft skills such as communication are the mark of a good employee. It is why interviews are held to assess candidates at this level.

4. You will gain credibility

In addition to the practical skills gained, a project management certification offers credibility and can contribute to earning a higher salary.

There is no reason why your career cannot transition into working for a non-profit even if you started off in construction or project accounting.

A NITA certified project management certification will make your CV particularly appealing to NGO recruiters.

5. It will lead to career fulfilment

Having project management skills will ensure that you end up doing meaningful work in the long run.

Project management training can mean better job satisfaction and expanded career opportunities.

6. You will learn how to problem solve

Building problem-solving practices into the day to day tasks that you manage, will ensure you quickly deal with problems as soon as they come up.

Being the go-to person for identifying problems and solving them is an easy way to stand out at your workplace.

With this project management training, you will be able to perform root-cause analysis of problems.  This is a practice that exposes the current problem and other issues linked to it.

Having project management skills will help you evaluate all possible alternatives and then arrive at a solution.

In conclusion,

As you can see, a project management certification can benefit you in many job roles and industries. As you take classes, you will better understand how to complete projects efficiently. To help you get started, Corporate Staffing Services is running a one week Project Management training from Monday 9th March. You can join this class by emailing the training coordinator, Lucy, at Looking forward to hearing from you!