5 Key CV Sections You Must Tailor to Match the Job Description

5 Key CV Sections You Must Tailor to Match the Job Description

Does a tailored CV ta really work in a competitive job market? I have worked with hiring managers and seen them review dozens if not hundreds of applicants’ CVs.

Anything you do to specifically show you meet the recruiter’s needs will help you rise to the top of the pile. With competition so fierce, tailoring key sections of your CV to their job posting language gives you a distinct advantage that gets your foot in the door for an interview.

It’s not enough to have a polished, well-formatted and updated resume – you need to make sure each section directly relates to the role you’re applying for. After all, hiring managers are specifically looking for candidates who are the perfect fit.

That’s why it’s so important to tailor key sections of your CV to match the job description. This will help convince employers that you have the right skills and experience for this position.

But where do you start? Here are the top 5 sections you’ll want to customize for every application:

1. Career Profile

The first section is your chance to express directly why you’re interested in this specific role. Rather than a generic career objective, write 2-3 sentences tailored to the position. Highlight who you are as a professional, your expertise, relevant skills, and your career aspirations. ,

For example, if applying to be a marketing assistant, your objective could read: “To obtain a position as a Marketing Assistant with XYZ Company, where I can utilize my 1+ years of experience creating social media content and coordinating email marketing campaigns.”

This immediately shows the hiring manager you’ve done your research.

2. Relevant Work Experience

Of course, you’ll want to highlight all work history that demonstrates your qualifications. But when tailoring your CV, focus on describing 2-3 past roles that most closely match what the employer is looking for.

Go into detail on accomplishments, responsibilities, and metrics that correspond to requirements in the job description.

For extra impact, put these jobs at the top of your work experience section. Then, briefly summarize any less relevant roles further down without as many specifics. The goal is to prove you have direct, transferable experience for this new position.

3. Skills

In your skills section, don’t just list generics like “time management” or “communication.” Dig deep into the job posting and include the specific hard and soft skills mentioned as priorities.

For example, if they emphasize proficiency in Adobe Creative Suite and social media management, list those out individually.

You could also use keywords, terminology, and technologies from the description. The hiring team will appreciate you explicitly demonstrating a fit with what they’re looking for in a candidate.

4. Education

While you’ll list your full educational background, custom-tailor this section by highlighting any programs, courses, projects, or certifications related to the job.

Mention relevant modules, theses, or areas of study that prepared you for this role.

If they want someone with a computer science degree but you majored in something else, see if you completed any applicable tech courses. Providing these extra details shows initiative in getting experience outside your major.

5. Achievements

Your achievements can provide further proof of your qualifications. Review the job posting for clues on what types of accomplishments they value – is it sales targets achieved, volunteer leadership positions, published works, awards, or conference presentations?

Then select 1-3 achievements to feature that demonstrate relevant capabilities, responsibilities, or soft skills. Pulling directly from the description helps you stand out as having a performance that matches what they seek.

Does this mean you need a unique and professional CV for every single application?  Yes, every job has unique requirements and you can often tweak a core document by focusing on different experiences, skills, or achievements depending on the role. But taking even 15 minutes to personalize it to the description could be the difference between an interview or rejection.

Your customized resume proves to employers you’re a serious candidate who’s seriously interested in their opportunity. Are you having trouble tailoring your CV to meet the recruiter’s requirements? Invest in our professional CV Writing Services today for that job-winning CV.