How To Negotiate a Higher Salary Increment

Every professional wants their hard work to pay off in a better salary. However, getting a substantial raise isn’t easy – it takes preparation and knowing how to negotiate effectively.

So, what is the best way to negotiate for a salary increment?  The first step is usually to quantify your value and achievements over the past years. Compile solid numbers on goals met, projects delivered on time and under budget, positive feedback received, and any other metrics that show the impact of your work.

It’s also important to research average salaries for your role and experience level so you can justify a proposed increase. Be in a position to cite salary surveys showing that you’re underpaid compared to industry standards. Rehearse your negotiation talking points clearly outlining why a larger raise is fair.

Remember that it is essential to negotiate confidently yet respectfully. Your manager wants to retain top talent so appealing to their interests can help. Most importantly, be willing to compromise if needed to reach an agreement.

The video that follows will expand on each element in more detail to help you put together a strong case and have a successful discussion with your employer.

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